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How To Use Longer In A Sentence?

  • The temptation that had once been too strong for him was no longer a temptation.
  • Is there no longer any flavour in the honeycomb or any perfume in the pine-apple?
  • The secretly unforgiving journalist laughed a little longer and then ceased to shake all over.
  • But the rail was no proper representative of him, for he was longer than a rail and thinner.
  • He had not mounted the horse, he had determined to go on leading it for some time longer at least.
  • I tried to make out a little longer by taking the key in my pocket, but it would not do.
  • I had no longer an anchorage ground for my heart; but was at the mercy of every vagrant impulse.
  • But it appears to me that the longer Jake wears a thing the better he likes it.
  • Her eyes, dimmed no longer by tears of sorrow, flashed with a purer radiance than before.
  • When she could bear it no longer she turned a pale face to where Tancredi sat staring into space.
  • One slightly longer might consist of two paragraphs: A. Account of the work.
  • The longer I remembered and added up, and remembered and subtracted, the less I really knew.
  • Now that he was no longer free to approach her, he saw what a heaven he had possessed in that noble and lovely being.
  • Owing to the disappearance of the early records of the city, the story of its first years can no longer be reconstructed.
  • As the early records of the city have disappeared, the story of its first years can no longer be reconstructed.
  • The early records of the city have disappeared, and the story of its first years can no longer be reconstructed.
  • The lancinating pain of doubt passed away, and she remained thinking of the impossibility of bearing any longer with the life.
  • Later on it reached steep gradients where the pack bullock could no longer carry it, and it was handed over for several marches to a cooli.
  • Why didn't she stay a while longer and see if these famous preservers of the peace wouldn't manage to gather in the men who killed her father?
  • He had talked himself into companionship, and assured me he no longer bore me any grudge for the error of which I had been the innocent cause.
  • There was no longer any necessity to humor or tolerate me, for there was nothing to be gained by it, as I was no favorite of my father.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Longer | Longer Sentence

  • This is no longer admitted.
  • No longer was there any disguisement between them.
  • It no longer read for instruction.
  • I had no longer a home nor a father.
  • He dared not stay longer in that dark and silent spot.
  • But Renouard was no longer jealous of her very existence.
  • Sir, I was no longer master of myself or my throne.
  • Hence, we no longer ask why God permits sin.
  • He was no longer Edgar Byrne.
  • The origin of the fire was no longer a mystery, but there were other things.
  • The year of a release date is no longer part of the directory path.
  • He was no longer alone in the wilderness; friendly help was near.
  • I am no longer a nameless adventurer, a neglected, rejected outcast.
  • The dwelling of the Prince no longer consisted of a simple manor-house.
  • At noon, when at length I roused myself, we were no longer upon the sea.
  • The man no longer resembled any known beast of the Old or New Worlds.
  • George Veer, on reaching Klausenburg, no longer found Banfi there.
  • She was no longer young--you know.
  • Gray could no longer hear the faintest sound of the horse's hoofs.

Definition of Longer

comparative form of long: more long | One who longs or yearns for something. | comparative form of long: more long
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