Look On In A Sentence

How To Use Look On In A Sentence?

  • The teller wondered how she could look on at all.
  • That thou mayest look on their nakedness!
  • And the noon will look on a sultry day.
  • Then he turned to them with a queer look on his face.
  • Would other eyes look on them with her one day?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Look On | Look On Sentence

  • Teleki had to look on at all this!
  • I will look on them no more.
  • We cannot look on unconcerned.
  • Lest they should look on vanities.
  • And the look on his face.
  • We look on helplessly.
  • I should look on them things!
  • Then she bent her look on him.
  • I look on the matter now as accomplished.
  • I look on him myself as a second father.
  • Irreverent eyes might look on it!
  • And you have such a mocking look on your face.
  • Come over the mountains and look on the foe.
  • I dread to look on thee.
  • No wonder that she had loved to look on them!
  • But he did not look on the base of the statue.
  • There was a strange look on her face.
  • I can look on and learn to understand it.
  • Do look on the mantel-piece!
  • She will forget to look on our despair!
  • The look on her face was terrifying.
  • At this we women only look on and marvel.
  • I look on the sea and the sky.
  • I look on the sky and the sea.
  • So one should look on love.
  • And there was a queer look on his face.
  • What dummies we were not to look on those ledges before.
  • I shudder now to look on thee!
  • They that would look on her must come to me.
  • He did not like that last look on her face.
  • Widowhood and orphanage look on and wring their hands.
  • The look on his face was not pleasant to see.
  • They all look on with horror].
  • The look on his face softened as he turned to her.
  • Soldier, do not look on the ground.

Definition of Look On

(idiomatic) To watch; to observe without participating. | (idiomatic) To think of something in a particular way. | (idiomatic, usually negative) To approve or to be accepting of something.
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