Look To In A Sentence

How To Use Look To In A Sentence?

  • The people look to see where it is.
  • You may look to me as your father now.
  • He could look to no one for help.
  • Let the white men look to their own front.
  • She had no need to look to see whose it was.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Look To | Look To Sentence

  • Let him look to that himself.
  • Let him look to himself.
  • It was now time to look to myself.
  • Do you look to the papers.
  • I will not look to fortune.
  • They look to you to guide them.
  • I had to look to you and the race.
  • I look to the motive.
  • Let us look to ourselves.
  • The senses will look to that.
  • How did things look to them?
  • We do not look to the reward.
  • I shall look to it at once.
  • Go and look to the wounded.
  • I had now leisure to look to myself.
  • You look to be worn out.
  • She was kind to so look to his interests.
  • Let us look to our premises.
  • Let us look to the future.
  • Let the law look to it and do its duty.
  • It is now necessary to look to the enemy.
  • I would not look to flee!
  • Let the class of the latter look to it.
  • You must look to the future.
  • It behoves the country to look to this.
  • John, will you look to that?
  • Why look to a creature stream?
  • Shall he look to some of his more reputable actions?
  • I look to him to keep me out of jail.
  • What more could he look to achieve?
  • To have brought such a look to such a face!
  • Her training must look to this only.
  • He did not look to see who else was there.
  • Saddle your horse and look to your arms.
  • The negroes do not look to be what you say they are.

Definition of Look To

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see look,‎ to. | (idiomatic) To seek inspiration or advice or reward from someone. | (idiomatic) To take care of.
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