Look Very In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Look Very | Look Very Sentence

  • It does look very stupid.
  • They look very poor.
  • You do not look very strong.
  • He did not look very old.
  • They all look very happy.
  • They look very sick.
  • Carew did not look very interested.
  • She did not look very ill.
  • These cyclones look very suspicious to me!
  • You look very much washed out.
  • You look very much set up.
  • You look very white and tired.
  • It did not look very substantial but it was his only hope.
  • You look very ugly down there in the grass.
  • They look very much alike.
  • Does my shell look very bad?
  • The two children did not look very happy.
  • I look very ill and thin and haggard.
  • The servants had begun to look very sleepy.
  • He does look very like a boat upside down.
  • It may look very different in a few hours.
  • Some hills look very different from others.
  • I think they must look very silly.
  • But you look very nice as you are, my dear.
  • Properly arranged, these look very striking.
  • The men instantly began to look very uncomfortable.
  • Here, affairs look very ill.
  • I want to tell him things look very black to me.
  • They look very much like our kitchen furnishings.
  • Ragged edges to batter cakes look very badly.
  • It would look very much as if she were running away.
  • His heightened color made him look very angry.
  • Does the small piece of the globe look very curved?
  • However, it would look very ungracious to refuse.
  • William pretended to look very absent again, and bowed.

How To Use Look Very In A Sentence?

  • He did not look very strong....
  • It will make her dark hair and her tan look very dramatic.
  • The moss of those stone walls does really look very old.
  • If this gets worse, things will look very bad.
  • Viola, my child, you look very pale.
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