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  • It looks more professional.
  • It looks more nateral.
  • Looks more like a prison.
  • He looks more like a buffalo.
  • This looks more propitious for our cause.
  • But this place looks more favorable than any we have met.
  • The top looks more natural in this position.
  • I must say that this looks more like a race than a battle.
  • The poor man looks more at ease, although he does not move.
  • She had more than good looks; more, even, than charm.
  • The whole thing looks more like Arcady than revolution.
  • Aguinaldo looks more like a European than a Malay.
  • Julie tells me that she looks more beautiful than you can imagine.
  • I leave it to you to decide whether or not he looks more like a cocked hat.
  • My daughter looks more like that picture than she does like either of us.
  • If a clairvoyant looks more closely, he will find the cause of this phenomenon.
  • Thursday looks more casual, more full of feeling than the exact date.
  • He thought he had never seen her carry her dusky good looks more scornfully.
  • To look like that, she must care for looks more than anything else.
  • The air gets hotter, and everything looks more and more tired every day.
  • Indeed, as she speaks, she looks more than melancholy, almost aggrieved.
  • And now here she was, bursting into good looks more positive than her sister's.
  • While night o'erwhelms the sea, and horror looks More horrible.

How To Use Looks More In A Sentence?

  • Such is the force of habit, that, somehow or other, he looks more elegant than any of us.
  • It is distinctly becoming, and looks more like a Queen Anne patch than anything else.
  • Nature looks more stedfast in them than in other painters: all is wrought up into a quietude and harmony that seem eternal.
  • There is a serene self-satisfied smirk on the marble face, which looks more like that of a woman than a man.
  • Nothing looks more flower-like than these opening hickory buds, and to the unobserving passerby the transformation is nothing short of a miracle.
  • According to their note-paper they call themselves financial agents, but the whole thing looks more like a communication from money-lenders.
  • It is long and narrow and looks more like a mere covered corridor than an ample hall in which the eager crowd could find elbow-room.
  • It looks more and more as if the list had been kept here, but I have hunted everywhere and found nothing.
  • Paris looks more beautiful than ever, and we were not too dead to see this as we drove through the streets on Wednesday evening.
  • And from his trap-door he gave me one of those looks more military than civil, which are invariably found under the peak of a Muscovite cap.
  • The Earl is a scrubby little fellow of about sixty, who looks more like an old-clothes-man than anything else.
  • Then if he looks more closely, there catches his eye an odd-shaped rock, a burned black stub, a flowering bush, or some such matter.
  • The face certainly looks more like a fine cast in wax, than a painting on canvas, as numbers of the best judges have always exclaimed on seeing it.
  • I should be inclined to say that on the stage he looks more like a gentleman than any gentleman ought to look, and that in the street he might be mistaken for an actor....
  • A Hindoo village looks more like a gipsy encampment, than anything else, and bears a very strange appearance to a European, at first.
  • Paris looks more splendid than ever, and we were not too much out of breath with fatigue, on our arrival last night, to admit of various cries of admiration from all of us.
  • But to see that worthy man, who looks more like a lamb than a lion, everybody would say what I say, were it before the Austrian ambassador himself.
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