Loomed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Loomed | Loomed Sentence

  • Expulsion loomed imminent.
  • Something loomed up before the latter.
  • He had suddenly loomed into importance.
  • Suddenly there loomed up before them a great mass.
  • Then something loomed through the fog.
  • Again a tiny islet loomed before her.
  • A building loomed up against the sky.
  • Here and there bowlders loomed blackly.
  • He loomed up steadily in their direction.
  • War loomed imminently before us.
  • The bunkhouse loomed before him in the darkness.
  • Both have loomed large in their eyes.
  • Then the problem as to how they were to exist loomed up.
  • Civil war loomed imminent.
  • The supernatural loomed largely.
  • Now the cliffs loomed overhead.
  • Success loomed bright upon the horizon.
  • I loomed like a pigmy beside him.
  • A horse and rider loomed through the dark.
  • The ineffectualness of all passion loomed large.
  • A covert loomed darkly in front of them.
  • He loomed over her like a figure of vengeance.
  • And now another cloud loomed on our horizon.
  • The sides of the cave loomed huge about her.
  • The cylindrical wall loomed close.
  • A door loomed before them and he cautiously tried it.
  • The chase loomed gradually nearer.
  • One singular fact loomed out above all others.
  • The mound loomed immediately at hand.
  • A white archway loomed before her in the gloom.
  • A massive figure loomed in the doorway.
  • A few seats behind him loomed the exhorter.
  • Behind it loomed dim ghosts of trees.
  • How like the shadow of doom she loomed up!
  • How large he loomed while his career lasted!

How To Use Loomed In A Sentence?

  • It loomed large in his young imagination.
  • A dark shadow loomed up some distance ahead.
  • The electric cloud loomed near on the horizon.
  • And out of the darkness beside them loomed a tall figure.
  • Behind loomed the figure of a negro leaning on a rifle.

Definition of Loomed

simple past tense and past participle of loom
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