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  • And we must loosen her collar.
  • It seemed for awhile that it was impossible to loosen it.
  • Come, loosen your hold.
  • If so, he may loosen his jaw some.
  • In about twenty minutes loosen this bottom cord.
  • Oh, how my eyes loosen sweetly in tears!
  • He shakes his head to loosen the halo, but in vain.
  • The Dutchman managed to loosen her arms, to free himself.
  • Miss McCroke's absence did not loosen Violet's tongue.
  • If he could only loosen them by flexing and reflexing his muscles!
  • And help me to put him on the sofa and loosen his neckcloth.
  • And as he spoke he tried to loosen the grasp of the blind beggar.
  • If you can not brace up now, the occasion will come to loosen your tongue.
  • A strange gladness seemed to loosen the tenseness of her aching nerves.
  • No amount of threatenin' could loosen his tongue.
  • They tried to loosen the bands of the captives, but only drew them tighter.
  • She turned away her face, and feebly tried to loosen herself from him.
  • The fish leaped clear of the water, but failed to loosen the line.
  • Her grip upon the scabbard was so strong that I could not easily loosen it.
  • To serve: Run a knife around the edge of the pan to loosen the crust.
  • Mr. Williams' idea was to loosen this subsoil with dynamite.
  • One even attempted to loosen by force Maria's tightly strained locks.

How To Use Loosen In A Sentence?

  • I went to the window and tried to loosen some of the bars that ran across the square.
  • Joe then found it easy to loosen the anchor and leaped lightly to his place beside the doctor.
  • They learned to loosen the bark of a tree without breaking it except along one edge.
  • Beginning during the second season, they continue to drop, as new shoots loosen their hold.
  • Even these many honors failed to loosen the strings of his tongue, but Nathalie did not despair.
  • Their long gaze seemed to let down some barrier within her, to loosen curious impulses....
  • There was as much fury as relief in his face when he stood up and started to loosen the rope around his chest.
  • I must loosen this last hold which the world has on a heart already severed from all its earliest affections.
  • Let cool and then run a knife around the edge of the baking dish and loosen the crust from the dish.
  • The sound seemed to loosen the paralyzed tongues, and everybody began talking and exclaiming at once.
  • Frantically he grasped the rope, lifting himself from the floor in the effort to loosen the noose with his free hand.
  • Victoriano dismounted, and endeavored to loosen the tight noose, but it was so firmly drawn that he could not move it.
  • Mary Darcy had managed somehow in her wanderings to loosen all the ties that bound her to her youth.
  • He stuck his umbrella into the sod, and seized the post with both hands, as if intending to loosen and throw it down.
  • First, the cocoon is soaked in warm water to loosen the gum that the worm used to stick its threads together.
  • He tried vainly to loosen her hold upon his arm, but he understood quite well that he must give her an answer.
  • A knot tied itself in Aurora's throat, which she could not loosen so as to go on.
  • When it is dry, it will loosen itself; you will find the impression correct, and the finest strokes expressed with the greatest accuracy.

Definition of Loosen

(transitive) To make loose. | (intransitive) To become loose. | (transitive) To disengage (a device that restrains).
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