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  • There are looser tongues than mine.
  • The average writer is looser and more unprincipled.
  • His clothes were getting looser on his great body.

How To Use Looser In A Sentence?

  • The looser toungs that filth disclose 35 Are graueolencie to her nose.
  • The stratification was looser than usual, and several mighty masses had fallen from it into the river.
  • But for all that the relation of the astral particles one to another is far looser than is the case with their physical correspondences.
  • But the looser and finer the earth remains during their first six growing weeks, the more perfectly the roots will develop.
  • When they make their appearance the self-respecting dancers go home, and a much looser element comes in.
  • Liquor was imbibed on the sly; some eyes were beginning to swim perceptibly, and some tongues to wag faster and looser than ever.
  • He is well-to-do, and gives dances to which only the looser women go, with these reckless young men.
  • These were quite rigid below and closely appressed to the stem, but above they became looser and curled gracefully about among the vivid red bells.
  • Her tow-colored hair was looser about her face, and where the sun struck a strand of it, it shone like spun gold.
  • The ice grows worse and worse as we approach land, and is, besides, covered with much deeper and looser snow than before.
  • And looser love 'gainst Chastitie divine Would shut the door that he might sit alone.
  • It was not possible to uncover the wall in shape for illustrating; portions of it continually crumbled as the looser material piled against it was removed.
  • At the lower part of the flower these are rigid and closely adherent to the stem, but higher up they become looser and curl gracefully about among the vivid red bells.
  • There was a kind of intoxication in the air, and there was many an impatient, longing soul up there of such as look severely upon themselves, while plenty of the looser sort streamed down.

Definition of Looser

comparative form of loose: more loose | Misspelling of loser.
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