Lost And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lost And | Lost And Sentence

  • He had lost and won nothing.
  • He was lost and now is found.
  • England lost and paid.
  • How lost and desolate he seemed.
  • I am a lost and ruined man.
  • Let me tell you how this post was lost and won again.
  • Three sheep lost and gone!
  • I am lost and need help.
  • The boats were lost and the expedition disbanded.
  • He was quite lost and helpless without him.
  • Some of these were lost and one transport was sunk.
  • The battle lost, and won?
  • Here nothing is lost and no one perishes.
  • And they are lost and vanished like a storm!
  • It is only to add up the sums lost and the lives.
  • I was lost, and now was found.
  • I felt quite lost and miserable.
  • They were simply lost, and we found them.
  • Then it was they lost, and lost for all time.
  • The one was lost, and the other has not been found.
  • No lives were lost and no personal injury was sustained.
  • He thought himself lost and swam with desperate energy.
  • Will the forthgoer be lost, and forever?
  • But many persons seem lost and distraught.
  • Break and get lost, and go with the dust.
  • The rays it has lost, and its border of jet.
  • No time was to be lost, and he threw himself on his horse.
  • Gammon seemed lost, and made no answer.
  • You saw me lost, and then went home.
  • Yet is our labour lost and vain, alas!
  • Lost and found, yet found and lost.
  • Our sister is lost, and never will be found.
  • He is lost and bewildered, and without hope.
  • We pass each other, are lost, and do not care.
  • The real meaning of it is lost, and with serious results.

How To Use Lost And In A Sentence?

  • Who got lost, and nearly killed by a locomotive.
  • Six lives were lost, and 436 acres burnt over.
  • Thus was Corinth lost and won!
  • The Paradise lost and to be re-gained.
  • And then there's my key lost; and then there's your key!
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