Lost In In A Sentence

How To Use Lost In In A Sentence?

  • Her head was lost in her heart.
  • It was hopelessly lost in the wreckage.
  • Lawrence seemed to be lost in meditation.
  • The didactic is lost in the dramatic.
  • Tom seemed lost in thought.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lost In | Lost In Sentence

  • Something was lost in the darkness.
  • We are lost in amazement!
  • It was lost in thought.
  • Lost in wonder and amazement?
  • Her personality was lost in him.
  • Time was lost in eternity.
  • They were lost in admiration.
  • The other had been lost in youth.
  • They are lost in the hollows!
  • He was lost in admiration.
  • It was lost in transit.
  • He was lost in the mountains.
  • He was lost in amazement.
  • Liza was lost in astonishment.
  • They were lost in astonishment.
  • Graham were lost in the retiral.
  • He was lost in thought.
  • He was lost in some memory.
  • I was lost in wonder.
  • Speed was lost in admiration.
  • For a few minutes he was lost in thought.
  • I am lost in the midst of all these people.
  • He was simply lost in amazement.
  • She is lost in impossible speculation!
  • Next moment it was lost in light.
  • She was lost in delight at her own happiness.
  • To be thus lost in wonder?
  • Mary herself was lost in wonder and doubt.
  • But he was lost in the maze of consonants.
  • She was lost in all kinds of apprehensions.
  • Distance is lost in boundless space.
  • Its origin is lost in obscurity.
  • Thenceforward the soldier was lost in the politician.
  • Her voice was lost in the din.
  • He was lost in egotistical comparisons.
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