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  • Mild antiseptic and astringent lotions or dusting powders should also be advised.
  • The most efficient soothing applications are the mild lotions and ointments employed in eczema of acute type.
  • She was quite at home both with lotions and literature, and could recommend a poet or prepare a poultice with equal skill.
  • Treatment consists of applications of camphor or ammonia-water; carbolic acid and thymol lotions are also useful.
  • And there were drawers and shelves to the ceiling where linen was kept, and a cupboard for cough-syrup and oily lotions for chapped hands.
  • Varied are the lotions for the "pin and web in the eye;" so many are there of these that it makes me suspect that our forefathers were sadly sore-eyed.
  • Not only were there lotions to help the neophyte sun-worshiper acquire a rich even tan, but creams were available for the impatient who wished an instant tan.
  • Only when it is unusually persistent or severe; in such cases the various soothing applications, lotions or ointments employed in acute eczema are to be prescribed.
  • Local applications are rarely required, but in those exceptional cases in which itching or burning is present, cooling lotions of alcohol and water or vinegar and water are to be prescribed.
  • By constitutional remedies directed against the predisposing factor or factors, and the application of cooling lotions of vinegar or alcohol and water, or dusting-powders of starch and lycopodium.
  • When attention to the wearing apparel is not immediately practicable, ointments of sulphur and staphisagria, and lotions of carbolic acid, may be advised as temporary measures.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lotions | Lotions Sentence

  • Alkaline or acid lotions usually give relief.
  • It had been previously used, in lotions of the strength of gr.

Definition of Lotions

plural of lotion
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