Lounges in a sentence

Definition of Lounges

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lounge | plural of lounge

Short Example Sentence for Lounges

  • 1. There were lounges and chairs and tables.
  • 2. The owner of the hut lounges outside the door.
  • 3. Very near them, lounges Max Vavasour.
  • 4. The only open areas were the lounges and the large ballrooms of peace time.
  • 5. Big bamboo chairs and lounges lined the vine-curtained porch.
  • 6. There were lounges and deep leather chairs, and ash trays for smokers.
  • 7. I brought the lounges with me, because they don't have such things in Spain.

How to use Lounges in a Sentence?

  • 1. He lounges about all day, apparently doing nothing; he is the only idler around.
  • 2. He lounges about a year or two, squanders away the money, and where is his bondsman?
  • 3. In summer the verandah, littered with cane lounges and hammocks, can be similarly used.
  • 4. Divans and lounges with deep cushions, the perfection of upholstery, invite to rest and repose.
  • 5. A few had their Lounges at full recline, but most preferred the upright position.
  • 6. So she lounges into a corner, and leaves her Broadwood to those who have practical work to do.
  • 7. Rupert lounges about, plays the piano, bribes Lenore to sit still like an angel.
  • 8. There will be no more pleasant lounges in the morning, no more strolls in the park, no more evenings at the club.
  • 9. Can we keep a fire there for fear of making dust, or use the lounges and sofas for fear of wearing them out?
  • 10. But in his graver and tenderer moods, in the country walks and lounges of which he was fond, his range was higher and deeper.
  • 11. Separate from them all is Pietro, the young man who lounges on the wharf to carry things from the steamer.
  • 12. Round, square and octagonal oak tables were scattered through the various rooms, and rough leather lounges skirted the walls.
  • 13. Here is the grandmamma's chair and knitting, and mamma's work-basket, and the sofa on which papa lounges and reads his evening paper.
  • 14. If he had provided himself with a cushion from one of the chairs or lounges by his side, he would have slumbered blissfully, but would have been lost to the charm of his surroundings.
  • 15. There is a general dining-room, and there are smoking rooms and lounges which all the tenants may use; or meals are served in the various flats from the central kitchen.
  • 16. As we watch the scene a daintily dressed youth with shining beaver lounges in, accompanied by one of the demi-monde gayly dressed and sparkling with jewelry which betrays her want of modesty.
  • 17. He has put aside even the least of his clerical garments now, and lounges at ease in an old coat and slippers, his tonsured head covered by a battered straw hat.
  • 18. The object of their social preference is the young wit who lounges up to tell his last little story, and then, without boring them for a reply, lounges away again.