Lousy In A Sentence

How To Use Lousy In A Sentence?

  • The day'll come when we'll see this country, as you might say, lousy with dudes!
  • Two whole squadrons had to eat lousy biscuit for a week because that swab sold the same meat five times over.
  • This one will bring you a different kind of status than destroying even eight zillion lousy space invaders.
  • As practically all Turks of the lower orders are lousy from birth to death, typhus rages among them.
  • I found a pretty lousy seat near the back and plopped myself down while I looked around for something closer.
  • Had my barber perfumed my lousy thatch here and poked out me tusks more stiff than are a cats muschatoes <13>, these pied-winged butterflies had known me then.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lousy | Lousy Sentence

  • Lanpher, you lousy skunk!
  • Not lousy phone fraud. Phooey.
  • Being lousy is an indication that the lousy person is in good health.
  • Say, have you ever had hell smashed out of your features by a lousy dude?
  • You lousy mawkin', stinkin' strong Of beer an' bacca!
  • A Lord may be a lousy loun, Wi' ribband, star and a' that.
  • These rubes is lousy with coin and we've got to get our share.

Definition of Lousy

Remarkably bad; of poor quality, dirty, or underhanded; mean, contemptible. | Infested with lice. | (colloquial, usually with with) Filled or packed (with something, usually bad).
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