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  • She hated him for such loutish cruelty.
  • Garth was in love with the girl, in his loutish way.
  • A waiter, loutish and yet infinitely dreary, intervened.

How To Use Loutish In A Sentence?

  • She stepped aside quickly as he made a loutish thrust at her arm, as though to pinch her.
  • The stoutest arm in Babbiano leaves us in the hour of need, driven out by that loutish Duke.
  • For, of a certainty, he was not going to allow Nance to be made miserable by his loutish insolences.
  • They are strong athletic men, but loutish and heavy, and their features, though for the most part well formed, are vacant and devoid of expression.
  • A man was either a "gentleman," and wore white shirt and city-made clothes, or he was a loutish hind, clad in mere apologies for garments.
  • Slavens pulled out his roll and stood against the table, holding it in his hand with a loutish display of excitement and caution, as if unable to make up his mind whether to risk it on the game or not.

Definition of Loutish

Resembling a lout.
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