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  • For love of her and me.
  • Sacred love of country!
  • All looking up for the love of me.
  • I am mad for love of you!
  • Love of man has gone by for me.
  • Someone has killed herself for love of you.
  • How priceless this love of yours!
  • It was the love of her life.
  • Towards this queen for love of her.
  • O love of other years!
  • And was he not doing this for love of her and the baby?
  • Love of self was the foundation.
  • For the love of sitting to you?
  • Vain the love of a man.
  • Lived in the love of him that fashioned me!
  • Beware of the love of self.
  • Love of truth fostered.
  • Recalled me to the love of song.
  • But the love of life!
  • Take the love of us three.
  • It is not the love of gain which guides me.
  • Speak softly for the love of heaven.
  • A love of beast for man.
  • His love of liberty was acquired.
  • His love of good was as unconquerable as his will.
  • What love of thine own kind?
  • For the love of a beautiful lady.
  • My love of the classics revived.
  • Such a love of a drawing-room!
  • Other love of a certainty she had not known.
  • You did them for pure love of us.
  • What had he to do with the love of highborn maidens?
  • Hence comes the love of beauty.
  • Only love of his country animates him.
  • Was it love of adventure merely?

How To Use Love Of In A Sentence?

  • What was life without this love of hers?
  • Montenegrins have no knowledge or love of architecture.
  • I do not deserve the love of an angel?
  • It lived by the love of the people.
  • You were all athrill with the geography and love of it.
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