Lovely In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lovely | Lovely Sentence

  • It was a lovely afternoon.
  • She was lovely still.
  • How lovely she looked!
  • Lawrence cast at the lovely girl.
  • How lovely she was in her soft blue dress!
  • Ulric had never beheld so pure nor so lovely a maid.
  • You never saw anything more lovely than that brocade.
  • What a dress it was, and how lovely she looked in it!
  • Can you have ceased already to desire these lovely things?
  • One day while hunting he came across a lovely valley.
  • Then such a lovely throat, and beautifully-shaped arms!
  • Long into the night they sat, admiring the lovely waif.
  • I says to myself, Why not go in for lovely woman?
  • Time passed, and Myra grew into a lovely woman.
  • V. O lovely star, so pure and bright!
  • The Parent Flower and two lovely Buds.
  • Some lovely countenances were discernible among the little gathering.
  • Don't you think it will make a lovely dresser-scarf?
  • No spot could be more lovely than the one chosen for their open-air meal.
  • The book is full of lovely charming ideas, and oh the language!
  • Colour, lovely colour, of itself would make our rooms charming.
  • The steep drive down to Menado offers a succession of lovely views.
  • So they eloped, and then went to Wales, to such a lovely place!
  • Good God! was this the lovely world from which I had been excluded!
  • West Africa is my lovely home, and I am big and beautifully pot-bellied.
  • That's a lovely piece of Battenburg, Mrs. Stott.

How To Use Lovely In A Sentence?

  • Jacob looked up the road, and gazed on the lovely picture with deep admiration.
  • One longed to hold it back even though one knew that it led to something more lovely still.
  • It was one lovely moonlight night, just such a night as this, quiet and peaceful.
  • Their light fell on luxurious furniture, fit for the boudoir of a lovely and noble lady.
  • She lives here, in a lovely old place just outside of town, with her old aunt or cousin.
  • Do you remember the lovely pair Aunt Sara Miggs brought from abroad when she made the grand tour?
  • She had a lovely voice, and she sang as simply and unaffectedly as if she had been singing in her own room for her own pleasure.
  • With a lovely protective movement the older woman put her arm about the girl's shoulders.
  • He thought he had never gazed on so lovely a scene, and he wondered who it was who had made his home in that peaceful valley.
  • Then, as he gazed upon her, the brightness and the mirth that had illuminated his lovely countenance died away.
  • What he perceived was simply that this lovely girl, whom he had known from infancy, had opened her heart and taken him into her confidence.
  • She came to understand and share his peculiar, proprietary interest in the lovely Kentucky countryside.
  • I can conceive of no decorative effects more subtle, rich, and lovely than those of which I now speak.
  • It was a lovely morning, and, having nothing to do and plenty in 'is pocket to do it with, he went along like a schoolboy with a 'arf holiday.

Definition of Lovely

(archaic) Worthy of praise. | (informal) An attractive, lovely person, especially a (professional) beauty. | Term of fond address.
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