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  • Her lovers are not encouraged.
  • Quarrels of lovers but renew their love.
  • That lovers should be happy in their marriage.
  • And all the lovers heard it from all the trees.
  • He asked the lovers why they seemed to be so sad.
  • The lovers looked at each other and smiled sadly.
  • And make two lovers happy.
  • Sentient beyond all doubt its lovers know it is.
  • Railing among lovers is the next neighbor to forgiveness.
  • For talking age and whispering lovers made.
  • To my lovers I have been.
  • He must be one more of the lovers of Louise.
  • And sucked all lovers of all time To rarify ecstasy.
  • As Numa entered the house, the lovers hastened to meet him.
  • It was because of Mary, therefore, that the lovers dallied.
  • Soon lovers will whisper their secrets over an electric wire.
  • In the meantime those young lovers were spending an hour of bliss together.
  • His name shall always be tenderly cherished by lovers of books!
  • The lovers had fled through the open doorway, and out the back way.
  • When the lovers were together they held no gentle, tender discourse.
  • Music lovers crowded into his dressing-room, enthusiastic in their praises.
  • It seems that the two pets had been presented by rival lovers of Madame.
  • Are even lovers powerless to reveal To one another what indeed they feel?
  • She, at thirteen, the sovereign of the town, Had lovers at her feet.

How To Use Lovers In A Sentence?

  • Doubtless the lovers had not been allowed to marry in early life because he was poor.
  • And it was not the first time that a pair of lovers had stood by that dial under the moon.
  • She stops for a moment and watches the lovers and then with a little laugh comes toward them.
  • But we remain lovers of it, only transferring our interest to interior excellence.
  • In all the books she had read, lovers were not backward in telling of their love.
  • But, indeed, when we became lovers there was small thought of Eugenics between us.
  • Then that which lovers terme the Ivory hand, Nay then the Lillie whitenesse of her face.
  • I longed for the lovers and friends I had left behind, I longed for the North again.
  • This inlaying of silver into copper is a step in the right direction, and should be encouraged by all lovers of art.
  • You know that this world is not a world for lovers, not even for such lovers as you two who have nothing to do with the world as it is.
  • There is a delight even in the parting agony of two lovers worth a thousand tame pleasures of the world.
  • The present time honors his memory; and for all time he will live in the hearts of all true lovers of genius.
  • The lovers had little to say to each other, as the canoe slipped back down the whispering river under that gibbous moon.
  • With lovers the external actions and gestures are couriers, which bear authentic tidings of what is passing in the interior of the soul.
  • At this late hour of the evening he had the embankment to himself, save for an occasional pair of lovers or a group of sauntering students.
  • I stroked his smooth brown head and fondled his drooping ears, and we were a pair of lovers right away.

Definition of Lovers

plural of lover
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