Loving In A Sentence

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  • I love you for loving her.
  • Not a word about the loving praise which had won her this.
  • There was no resisting this loving argument.
  • Who could help loving her?
  • Think of me only as one who takes joy in loving you.
  • No man could have helped loving her.
  • Which there was no fond loving hand to close.
  • But loving you started me loving horses.
  • Just the thought of loving you is like thinking of heaven.
  • Every day his loving messages were sent near and far.
  • But who can help loving Nora?
  • Before that she had dreamed of herself as loving and beloved.
  • But they were so busy loving that they did not recognize the instinct.
  • Thereafter he is man's loving slave.
  • He couldn't help loving her.
  • She was far too good for him if he addressed her without loving her utterly.
  • They conspire with it; a loving resignation is with the event.
  • I ain't asking anything but to just go on loving you.
  • Ever your loving and attached father, who fondly presses you to his heart.
  • As ever, your loving and anxious FATHER.
  • A man? and pray what loving pair Have in your smoke-hole their abode?
  • Most country poachers begin by loving Nature and end by hating the Game Laws.

How To Use Loving In A Sentence?

  • Nothing you can say or do can take from me the blessed privilege of loving you.
  • She had faded away in her youth, cared for by loving hands and tender thoughts.
  • The oration is before us as we write, and we turn the pages with a fond and loving eye.
  • But I had no kinder or more loving congratulations than those of the two sisters.
  • A woman who has discarded a man is, perhaps, nearer loving him just afterwards than ever before.
  • That same morning Boyce rose out of bed and woke his loving wife, who was asleep at his feet.
  • Jessuum stopped for a moment and saw Boyce smile a little and give Lilith a loving glance.
  • Why hurt those who can no more help loving you than the earth can help whirling around the calm dispassionate sun?
  • He clasped her to his heart; she knew that heart was hers; she could not resent that loving embrace; it was but for a moment.
  • Even the shop which he had furnished and laid out with such loving care, seemed a cunning trap to devour his precious sovereigns week by week.
  • She opened the closet to set the prisoner free and take her back into her loving favor and forgiveness, but the result was not the one expected.
  • It was as if she had deliberately lost herself, hidden herself away with husband and child from the loving eyes that are too quick to see....
  • The joyful, loving pair, happy beyond all expression, were then left alone with their joy and happiness.
  • The early morning invariably found him in his hangar, going over with loving care every detail of the mechanism of his swift scout plane.
  • Behind the loving pair, ride side by side two cavaliers who, to judge from their dress, belong to the higher nobility.
  • I am content to go on loving and trusting you, even though things should come under my notice which I do not understand.
  • They were so dear, so very dear, that man and child; and Haidee too was dear for loving them so well.
  • Nine golden days followed the reunion of the loving family before Hooker crossed the Rappahannock in force.

Definition of Loving

Expressing a large amount of love to other people; affectionate. | present participle of love | The action of the verb to love.
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