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  • Every portion of the lower level was searched.
  • On a lower level there were the great barns.
  • This may be due to drainage at a lower level.
  • The subjects of the other form occupy a lower level.
  • By what device may pianism descend to a lower level?
  • They were outsiders, the men of a lower level.
  • He falls back upon the lower level of oriental monism.
  • They climbed down to a lower level and began their return walk.
  • By the time it had reached the lower level, the elevator was up to pressure.
  • When this was passed the yellow earth reappeared, at a slightly lower level.
  • It's too big for that; an aim is quite on a lower level.
  • People came running past them from the lower level of the Midway.
  • Striking to the lower level, Cheyenne cut across country to his camp.
  • I have been a market woman already; if necessary, I can sink to a lower level.
  • On a lower level we find the far-famed Lancashire Hand-bell Ringers.

How To Use Lower Level In A Sentence?

  • Before then the water on the lower level is bound to flood this end of the workings.
  • At the extreme northern end there are traces of walls on the rocks at a lower level.
  • At a slightly lower level than the pipe were several flat stones standing at various angles.
  • He circled to a lower level, and selected a patch of high grass between two corn fields.
  • Somewhere ahead of him, but seemingly upon a lower level of ground, men were talking!
  • I deemed it my neighbo'ly duty to inform him when we opened the lower level in the mine.
  • When these powers are constantly drawn upon the body is necessarily reduced to a lower level of health.
  • The heavy voices of the two men who had been left on the lower level now came rumbling up the shaft.
  • It was the only solid piece of earth for some distance, all around being at a lower level and boggy.
  • We can make passageways through the soil to a lower level and then let gravity pull the water through them to lower ground below.
  • Does a secular priest not have to practise this virtue? or is his obedience at least on a lower level than that of a religious?
  • It stands so high that the want of a central tower is felt less than would be the case at a lower level.
  • The water-line ended there, and she understood the booming was the roar of the river rushing down to a lower level.
  • A seat for the sheriff was placed a short distance to the right of the throne of justice, and on a slightly lower level.
  • Whether the lower level was close at hand or a mile away he could not decide; but in his despair he shouted for help.
  • Another part, because of its solidified form, was able to receive only souls on a lower level than those of men.
  • To drift down with it meant ultimately, and inevitably, to be sucked into the destruction wall at some lower level.
  • At the lower level five miners were found repairing the pumps, and the boys were forced once more to tell what had occurred in the village.
  • In barometers furnished with a fiducial point for adjusting the lower level, this correction is superfluous, and must not be applied.
  • To-night, as she lay waiting for her nephew, she touched a lower level of despair than even she had yet reached.
  • The boys left the old tool house without spending any more time in conversation, and hastened down the ladders to the lower level.
  • The eastern side required no dressing, as it was at a slightly lower level, and it was to reach this level that the rock was removed.
  • If required, several lengths can be joined together, or one band can deliver upon another at a lower level.
  • Quietly he slid down to the lower level and took a wide circle about the little camp, finally closing in near to where the sleeping sentry sat.
  • Women are said to "want" less than man, and therefore the stress of competition can drive their wages to a lower level.
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