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  • It dealt with loyalty to the bank.
  • It showed your loyalty to us.
  • Complete loyalty to the principal of the school.
  • With them it was loyalty to destroy the disloyal.
  • Absolute loyalty to its interests was imperative.
  • Allied with reverence for woman was loyalty to the prince.
  • It was only a mistaken loyalty to a wrong principle.
  • But her loyalty to her husband never wavered.
  • He wanted to express his unwavering loyalty to his father.
  • Indeed, he respected his loyalty to his brother.
  • Their loyalty to the Government is unquestioned.
  • Loyalty to race, however, has a pedagogical use.
  • Canadian loyalty to the Empire was a mere delusion.
  • All her heart cried out in love and loyalty to Veronica.
  • What do we mean to-day by loyalty to God?
  • The Lorens threw down their arms and swore loyalty to Val.
  • His loyalty to the government was rewarded with further office.
  • Devotion to the functions of the people is loyalty to the nation.
  • Was her loyalty to her father overcoming her loyalty to the king?
  • All the other parties equally assert their loyalty to that instrument.
  • The epoch was one of entire loyalty to itself and its ideas.
  • I'll have proof of your loyalty to us.
  • But even under such a test as this his loyalty to his friend stood firm.
  • Her loyalty to her ideals of freedom and religion is to meet its reward.
  • Is certainly not inspired by a sense of loyalty to the party or the country.
  • Men have to acquire loyalty to their sex: yours is an instinct.
  • The teaching of loyalty to any cause appears to be a lesson in patriotism.
  • My loyalty to her generally saved me from even the temptation of being asked.
  • Martinet though he was, he spoke in grumbling loyalty to his soldiers.
  • A summons had come to his loyalty, to the fundamental manhood of him.
  • He sought to stamp out loyalty to the old kings by exile and the sword.
  • No one could express in seven languages the depth of her loyalty to a friend.

How To Use Loyalty To In A Sentence?

  • But she prided herself on her loyalty to the successive partners of her dismal adventures.
  • Thenceforward recusants had to choose between loyalty to the queen and loyalty to the pope.
  • Therefore in fighting for the reputation of his parents he is practicing loyalty to an ideal.
  • I do not think that private workers owe an indefinite loyalty to their employer.
  • Loyalty to country is loyalty to the functions and interests that properly belong to country.
  • It was not a question of devotion to each other, but of loyalty to the life-ideal of each.
  • It begins with loyalty to persons, with that devotion which begins with affection.
  • Even her sense of loyalty to her native place was not strong enough to override this compliment.
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