Luck To In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Luck To | Luck To Sentence

  • Good luck to you all.
  • Bad luck to anyone who does so.
  • And so good luck to you!
  • Best of luck to the others.
  • Good-night and good luck to you.
  • All kinds of luck to you on your return.
  • Seems to be our luck to lose horses.
  • What luck to be serving such a man!
  • Yes; just my luck to be out.
  • Good-bye and good luck to you.
  • It is ill luck to dream of a priest.
  • I said what hard luck to have to go through it again.
  • It is good luck to find a horseshoe.
  • It may be my luck to come through or it may not.
  • And it was his luck to get into a jackpot like that!
  • Good luck to you, matey.
  • It is bad luck to meet a corpse.
  • Good luck to you, my beauty!
  • It is bad luck to dream of fire.
  • Good luck to you, comrade.
  • Well, good luck to him.
  • If he is given a trial it will be his luck to succeed.
  • Well, good luck to you.
  • What a piece of luck, to be sure!
  • He trusted to luck to help him to discover something.
  • But it is ill luck to talk of good luck.
  • Good luck to you, young man.
  • It is great luck to get such an engagement for the winter.
  • That ill wind produced luck to somebody.
  • Good luck to you, old town!
  • After that, good-luck to us!
  • Edmund had the luck to shoot a big white owl.
  • Well, good luck to yees!
  • I wish we had the luck to go with a hunting-party.
  • It is death or bad luck to dream of teeth falling out.

How To Use Luck To In A Sentence?

  • It is ill luck to sweep dirt out of doors after sunset.
  • The poor chevalier seems to have no luck to-day.
  • It is a sign of ill luck to take off the wedding ring.
  • Go by all means, and good luck to your efforts!
  • Heck, just our luck to let him get away!
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