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  • Good luck with your house!
  • I wish you all good luck with it.
  • Had good luck with his lambs.
  • You positively bring good luck with you.
  • To take pot-luck with us.
  • I haven't had any luck with 'em.
  • But the old woman has had all sorts of bad luck with it.
  • You shall take pot-luck with us.
  • Come in, both of you and take pot-luck with us.
  • And now what luck with Jerry?
  • Then an old man tried his luck, with no better success.
  • Maybe I had luck with me this time.
  • Now, sir, am I to have any better luck with you?
  • Try your luck with Frau von Viereck.
  • My battalion was the 78th and we always had the luck with us.
  • Impudence with them is the order of the day, and often carries luck with it.
  • That he could not take his ill luck with equanimity was equally clear.
  • The Kimball boys never had any luck with their love affairs.
  • I hope she'll have better luck with it than I had.
  • Why, then number two will try his luck with her, and if he fail, number three!
  • But we had no luck with elephants till we struck the Tamalakan River.
  • Now know I that he hath luck with him, and I will serve him faithfully.
  • I've had great luck with Dyna-Gro 7-9-5.
  • He may have the luck with him so far but there's only one end to it.
  • He's awful fond of flowers, an' he has great luck with 'em, too.

How To Use Luck With In A Sentence?

  • It had been his constant companion for years and in a measure he connected his luck with it.
  • Bob had good luck with his hook and line and soon returned with a dozen fine fish.
  • Better your luck with the centuries old omen of good luck, the four wise monkeys.
  • Lord George talked a great deal about racing and cards, and his bad luck with both.
  • In spite of bad luck with the new men we were able to plough and seed 144 acres by May 10.
  • And the same ill-luck with medical supplies seemed to follow us to North Russia.
  • Both Spaniards and Creoles patronize them, and occasionally a negro tries his luck with a trifle.
  • At first Edward had better luck with his Lieutenant, a certain horse-coper or dealer.
  • Sam would not take it: he laughingly told the captain that the box did not seem to carry luck with it.
  • The fact that she was the richest one of the girls, also caused him to fear to try his luck with her.
  • And if we have decent luck with this job ahead of us, you will have no cause to grieve at being yanked out of your berth ashore.
  • Joe Hollends did not receive the news of his luck with the enthusiasm that might have been expected.
  • And the other fellows said they guessed we were having better luck with one gun than with six, so we had a merry time after all.
  • I thought he could not do better than take luck with us," he said to her by way of explanation.
  • The crowd was disposed to be rather jolly, and several of the men took their luck with great good-humor.
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