Lugged in a sentence

Definition of Lugged

Having ears. | simple past tense and past participle of lug

Short Example Sentence for Lugged

  • 1. I lugged him some and he walked some.
  • 2. That was why he lugged his rope along!
  • 3. She was picked right up and lugged off.
  • 4. I give out, and Red, he lugged me to the next water-tank.
  • 5. The professor was lugged in by the head and ears, with unnecessary roughness.
  • 6. They lugged him on their backs out of the village when I rushed it.
  • 7. Then Red lugged me clean to that tank where you seen us from the train.
  • 8. Sim and I lugged these articles to the raft, and immediately cast off again.
  • 9. McGill was here, right where you're standing, when they were lugged in.
  • 10. Don't see why you lugged Olga up here," she began.
  • 11. They lugged the defunct mountain lion in and laid it by Bill Haskins's bunk.

How to use Lugged in a Sentence?

  • 1. Austin lugged a little chest out from under the settee, and glanced at the injured hand.
  • 2. A wisp of curses came back into the big room as she was lugged up the stairs towards the hotel.
  • 3. Aunt Mary gets her bonnet on and has her trunks lugged down on the front porch.
  • 4. They lugged it, covered with a cloth, up the stairs, and deposited it on a table.
  • 5. He disappeared, and I lugged the grips to the top of the steps, where we waited.
  • 6. One by one were these lugged forth from their dusty slumber-profane hands struggling for the first right of appropriation.
  • 7. Even these few books made a pretty heavy bundle for a man to carry in one hand while he lugged all his other worldly goods in the other.
  • 8. The ammunition that cost him so much trouble and pain as he lugged it all the way to Opal followed after.
  • 9. Perceive that my name has been lugged into the controversy, but have not time to state what I know of the subject.
  • 10. But in the acting, a miniature must be lugged out; which we know not to be the picture, but only to show how finely a miniature may be represented.
  • 11. They came together again, and lugged their baggage into the cabin, save the dishes and eatables, which were stowed away on shelves.
  • 12. I was four, and I yelled with fear when the train came in and kept it up for the first twenty miles after they lugged me on board.
  • 13. But that lighted candle at my back had shown me other than explosives: the silly, pointless snowshoes I had lugged from my own room in the shack.
  • 14. Just about then, though, the bottom began to drop out of another cloud, so I lugged him over to the big bubble and put him inside.
  • 15. Gordon, however, lugged Way, protesting bitterly, from the field and then quietly asked the umpire to reverse his decision.
  • 16. So we laid it on one of the side boards and lugged it up to the house, while some one jumps into a sixty-horse power car and starts for a sure enough doctor.
  • 17. Mehitable took her china doll out of the carriage, set her carefully on the step, and then lugged the carriage laboriously to a corner of the piazza, where she always kept it.
  • 18. These pictures, these carefully wrought masterpieces of rendering are not lugged in, each for its own sake; they are not outside of the narrative; they are actually part of the substance of the story.