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  • But the lull did not come.
  • There happened to be a lull in the talk.
  • After that there was a long lull in the conversation.
  • A brief lull came in the storm.
  • Or what more soothing murmur lull to sleep?
  • Through a lull in the tumult pealed a trumpet.
  • Amid a lull in their clamour the crier recommenced.
  • His life had no lull in its creative industry.
  • And with the old lullaby lull her to rest.
  • At midday there seemed to be a lull along the whole line.
  • There was a lull of expectation in Dublin.
  • During a lull in the uproar of Hell two voices were heard.
  • He could lay Ireland under storm or lull at his pleasure.
  • And what a spectacle it was to lull a vexed spirit into peace!
  • In a momentary lull he trumpeted through his hands across the arena.
  • Oakley, who was taking advantage of the lull to light his pipe.
  • The first four years of the present century were a lull before a tempest.
  • Just at the moment I speak of there was a lull in her scolding.
  • For I had allowed happiness to lull my radical conscience asleep.
  • I prayed that the blessed Sleep might lull their savage passions.
  • At about three o'clock in the morning the storm seemed to lull a little.

How To Use Lull In A Sentence?

  • Does this lull indicate a gradual and steady return to more normal and peaceful conditions?
  • The political lull of midsummer brought an important improvement in public feeling towards us.
  • Peace, music, twilight, all that could deceive A soul to joy or lull a heart to peace.
  • Nor earth, nor air, nor fire, nor deep Could lull poor mortal longingness asleep.
  • At midsummer, 1916, the political lull desired by Colonel House actually set in.
  • It was to be hoped that the morning would yield a lull in the storm, of which it was advisable to make the most.
  • And there was silence again like the lull before a hurricane, with only the great black river talking to itself.
  • Occasionally there would be a slight lull in the excitement, and the racing and the rushing would cease for awhile.
  • In a moment's lull I heard Mr. Allan's voice, low and entreating, then more curses, more crashes.
  • During a momentary lull the old gleeman struck his harp, and together he and his grandchild lifted up their voices in song.
  • Reaching his door during a brief lull in the wind, he heard faintly but distinctly the booming of guns fired by a ship in distress.
  • The scene ends with a strange hushed unison passage like some unearthly chant: it is the lull before the breaking of the storm.
  • Presently there came a lull in the tempest, and we began to breathe freer; some one went to the door and opened it.
  • That there is a lull in the storm of unrest which has lately swept over India is happily beyond doubt.
  • And he turns to the mate, telling him it was a pity he did not try to run along the deck and hurry up the captain when the lull came.
  • For a full twenty seconds there was a lull or absolute silence; the men seemed unable to grasp the full significance of the words.
  • Thus in this first lull after the storm of our revolution, I have to be busy with many active preparations.
  • A lull in the shouting for an infinitesimal moment, then a terrific roar proclaimed Bandmaster was pulling hard.
  • There had been no lull in the combat, and the advancing British line looked like a red wave of fire.

Definition of Lull

(transitive) To cause to rest by soothing influences; to compose; to calm | (intransitive) To become gradually calm; to subside; to cease or abate. | A period of rest or soothing.

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