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  • It had a lulling effect.
  • Lloyd maintained his stare out the window during this lulling tide of time.
  • The food, the heat, were lulling her weary senses into oblivion again.
  • And only lulling secret pain, I seem'd to fling around disdain.

How To Use Lulling In A Sentence?

  • But the tumult of the evening was a lulling murmur to the full chorus of busy morn.
  • He had no nerves to speak of, and the only chance of catching him lay in lulling him off to sleep.
  • The jungle was lulling itself to sleep, and drowsy croonings sounded on every hand.
  • Gradually she forgot, an aching pain in her body lulling the aching pain of her mind.
  • The Wind clasped her in his arms and flew away, lulling her to sleep as he went.
  • Perhaps she was only making sport of him, lulling him into the belief that eventually he might win through.
  • For a few minutes the delicious ache of lying flat enveloped him and carried him away into unconsciousness with a lulling ecstasy.
  • Preston watched it musingly as the stream bore them onward: the rushing of the water almost lulling him to sleep.
  • Her voice filled his ear with music never-ceasing, but it was not the lulling music that invites drowsiness.
  • The shopkeeper and his wife, drawn two ways by pity and self-interest, began by lulling their consciences with words.
  • Back in the open clearing round the tiny farmhouse, the light, of course, still lingered in a lulling yellow-gray.
  • My silence since then was lulling it into a false security, and in another two minutes I hoped to get a move on it again.
  • The ship rolled calmly upon the long swells, the ripples plashing in low lulling monotone, and her hull and spars were reflected darkly beneath me.
  • Every day now the country was giving back to him of what he had given to her; lulling him, soothing him, revivifying him with her freshness and her charm.
  • Such an exquisite colour harmony did the scene compose that the wind, lulling for a moment on the crest of the hill, seemed charmed into peace by it.
  • The effect of the venom of that animal appeared to her to be the lulling of the sensorium into a lethargy or stupor, which soon ended in death, without the intervention of pain.
  • A silvery curtain of murmuring water fell before his sculptured couch, and supplied this haunt of dreams with an ideal, if rheumatic environment of poetic beauty and lulling charm.

Definition of Lulling

present participle of lull
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