Lulls In A Sentence

How To Use Lulls In A Sentence?

  • The smith welcomed them and they used his fire during the lulls in his business.
  • But the syren accounts for it in some plausible way; it lulls his fear, and onward they go again.
  • It helps to awaken women from that shallow dream of self-complacency into which flattery lulls them.
  • In the lulls they could hear the water streaming off at the side-walls with the noise of small cataracts.
  • The spirit lulls itself with nature's murmur, becomes intoxicated with it, and goes to rest.
  • In lulls they heard the voices of Dellarme and his men, which seemed more ominous than the crash of rifles or the scream and crack of shells.
  • It merely blew hard, and harder, and kept on blowing harder, advertising each increase by lulls followed by fierce, freshening gusts.
  • Quietism lulls to sleep the activity of man, extinguishes his intelligence, substitutes indolent and irregular contemplation for the seeking of truth and the fulfilment of duty.
  • Addressing herself to some mystic faculty born before thought or language, she lulls the suffering baby into its first sleep, using perhaps the primeval and universal language of the race.
  • From this room, in the lulls in the music, came the pop of corks and the clink of glasses, and as an undertone the steady click and clatter of chips and roulette balls.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lulls | Lulls Sentence

  • Like unto her the God lulls me to sleep.
  • I'll bale out the water when the wind lulls a little.
  • Music lulls the disordered thoughts, and elevates the dejected spirits.
  • He guards his garden by day, and lulls him to sleep by night.
  • In the lulls he turned his head and gazed over the sea, looking for the boat.
  • In the lulls of the storm I could hear the men's voices, high and excited.

Definition of Lulls

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lull | plural of lull
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