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  • Cafeteria lunches cost money.
  • He ate their lunches and invited them in return.
  • As long as the lunches lasted, they came.
  • He lunches with a club of men, as I guess you know.
  • He lunches and dines here quite as though it were home to him.
  • I hope you will all ways have good lunches from this time on.
  • They brought their lunches and families and stood around to watch.
  • Jonas grumbled a good deal at having so many lunches to put up.
  • Enoch's simple lunches never ceased to trouble him.
  • One breakfasts on rumours, lunches on secrets, and dines on scandals.
  • But "Hunchie's" lunches were excellent.

How To Use Lunches In A Sentence?

  • I like to eat the lunches that you carry; sometimes you have better lunch than other times.
  • He was smoking better cigars, eating better lunches and wearing better clothes.
  • One of the simplest lunches is that composed of Allinson wholemeal bread and fruit.
  • He breakfasts with the Septuagint, lunches off the Gospels, and sups with Revelations.
  • Anyway it would have been a poor business to keep a man out of the lunches merely on account of his religion.
  • Dorinda's picnic lunches were triumphs and she had never put up a more tempting one.
  • He lunches two or three times a week, and is popular with the waiters, through being pretty free with his tips.
  • Hunt one noon had given the men who gathered in a quiet place to eat their lunches a little talk on first aid to the injured.
  • And always the Randalls had a big kettle of coffee to serve with the box lunches the guests provided for themselves.
  • At noonday, comely red-faced girls ate their lunches on the window-sills, ready for conversation and acquaintance.
  • The lunches were individual affairs: sandwiches, bottled olives and jam commandeered from the Victoria.
  • Over two million hot lunches were distributed, during a period of a few months, to three hundred and thirty schools with twenty thousand pupils.
  • The parents had agreed to underwrite lunches at the barn and Betty Miller philosophically assumed the role of commissary officer.
  • But our lunches were open to all sorts of guests, and our deliberations were never of a character to control me effectively in my editorial decisions.
  • They were gigglin', foolish enough critters, but I asked 'em in, and they eat their lunches on my table.
  • There are the untimely meals to prevent gluttony; there are the between-meal lunches to incite nervousness, irritability, a feeling of unrest that nothing seems to satisfy.

Definition of Lunches

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lunch | plural of lunch
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