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  • The large yellow lupine is a common plant upon our wind-swept mesas, growing in sandy soil.
  • On the way into Egypt the Virgin pointed to the lupine which grew by the wayside.
  • Her fire kindled, the camp in shape, she lay down by the little blaze with her head under a lupine plant.
  • On the far side the plateau stretched, lilac with the lupine flowers, the broken rear line of the herd receding across it.
  • Thus we have a better view of the country; and, approaching closely to the banks, can from our seats at any time pluck blue lupine by the armful.
  • A loosened strand of her hair lay among the lupine roots, one of her hands rested, brown and upcurled, on a tiny weed its weight had broken.
  • A jury of children has been empanelled in Paris to decide which of the toys exhibited at the Concours Lupine is the most amusing.
  • The false lupine very closely resembles the true lupines, but may be distinguished from them by the stamens, which are all distinct, instead of being united into a sheath.

Definition of Lupine

Of, or pertaining to, the wolf. | Wolflike; wolfish. | Having the characteristics of a wolf.
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