Lurched In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lurched | Lurched Sentence

  • Boyce lurched back in pain.
  • He smiled and lurched against the rail.
  • Meldrum lurched forward to intercept him.
  • Jesse lurched to the east window.
  • Hendry lurched up towards the helmsman.
  • He turned and lurched heavily away.
  • Then he lurched heavily back into his chair again.
  • The damned ship lurched and slithered.
  • Collie threw up his arms and lurched forward.
  • He tucked it under his arm and lurched into the street.
  • He seemed of mammoth proportions as he lurched toward her.
  • The train lurched around a shoulder of the mountain.
  • The god-car lurched into something hard.
  • Then they came back to it again, and lurched against it.
  • The ship lurched as it swung in its zigzag course.
  • With couplings clashing the long cars lurched in.
  • Her huge bulk lurched and staggered as she climbed.
  • His spine was broken when the ship lurched over the reef.
  • He bade me a gruff good-night and lurched heavily away.
  • Braithwaite lurched forward, folding his arms on the table.
  • He lurched forward, with my hand still on his arm.
  • Then he lurched forward at Mike.
  • Marion, very red in the face, lurched out of the room.
  • The result was that Stevens lurched to the left.
  • The wagon lurched on a hummock and David groaned.
  • He lurched toward us, pointing at Lili.
  • He lurched away from Anna Lloyd, back into the kitchen.
  • III The ship lurched slightly.
  • He lurched against her and gasped an apology for clumsiness.
  • And the more the omnibus rocked and lurched the more they liked it.
  • Then the cart suddenly lurched forward and she fell to her knees.
  • So saying he lurched into a semiupright posture and fumbled for the wheel.
  • There was a distinct hissing and then the great ship lurched slightly.
  • Without waiting for a reply he lurched into his room and banged the door to.
  • But madame lurched forward into the arms of one of her waiting-women.
  • Grant caught up her slight form and lurched unsteadily into the nearest cabin.
  • The frenzied overseer leapt shrieking to his feet and lurched into the water.

How To Use Lurched In A Sentence?

  • Instantly he lurched forward and clenched before the other could add the finishing touch.
  • Suddenly they were lurched violently forward as the horse shied at something in the bushes.
  • He shook his fist towards the stables and lurched off until he was swallowed up by the darkness.

Definition of Lurched

simple past tense and past participle of lurch
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