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  • The lurches of the merchantman told how close she was to her end.

How To Use Lurches In A Sentence?

  • The arm of the rider cradled the youngster against the lurches of the pony's gait.
  • After a few lurches and tumbles, she found that she could stand alone, and in a short time could skate a little.
  • They swayed to and fro, and in one of their lurches struck the window, which flew open and threw them into the balcony outside.
  • But suddenly it gave three or four lurches in the road, took the pavement, ran into a tree and fell over on its side.
  • As the lurches come, I brace myself against the boiler side without fear of burning; that is something learned.
  • Rob and Nelly did not mind the jolting; did not mind the lurches the cars gave; did not mind the cinders, the dust, the noise.
  • His spirit was in his eyes, and his eyes on that bobbing speck of green flowing swiftly toward him with sudden lurches and forward flings at the fences.
  • It seemed to shrink suddenly; and with sickening lurches it began to descend, as if strong hands were tugging upon the cords which anchored it to earth.
  • There has evidently been some heavy weather near us, as there is a tremendous swell on, and the ship lurches until the end of the fore-yard nearly touches the water.

Definition of Lurches

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of lurch | plural of lurch
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