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  • He was barely conscious of the lurching of the ship.
  • A close explosion sent him lurching aside.
  • Downs, lurching heavily, was just ahead of him.
  • At length, lurching against the door, it burst open.
  • At that moment the huge bulk of a man went lurching past them.
  • The craft yielded to the impulse and drove lurching among the backwash.
  • Boots he had donned, and spurs that whirred with every lurching step.
  • Daddy's muscles bulged as he held the lurching car steady.
  • Like a pole-axed ox, Harrigan stopped as he was lurching in.
  • Arlee's camel had stumbled; the poor thing was lurching wearily.

How To Use Lurching In A Sentence?

  • Here and there in his talk a few words were distinguishable as he stood lurching before them.
  • Things skipped through the air around the lurching vehicle: flitting and darting things.
  • I saw the mizzen topmast lurching across a faint radiance of cloud behind which was the moon.
  • His thoughts came to a lurching halt when a sharp voice snarled a curse with cataclysmic violence.
  • He stood barring their way, lurching from side to side, and brandishing a stick in his hand.
  • In the narrow gut of the way a great black banner, borne on two poles, was lurching towards him.
  • The whole crew came lurching around toward Madden, filled with the wordy anger of intoxicated men.
  • Dworn clutched at handholds inside the pitching cabin and tried to combat the sympathetic lurching of his stomach.
  • Stunned by the deafening crash he felt himself lurching against a wall, amidst a shower of broken glass.
  • He suddenly remembered tripping over a wire coming up to the trench, and being cursed by his sergeant for lurching against him.
  • I removed all hanging objects because their lurching shadows sent shivers of apprehension through me....
  • He stooped and examined the shining marble slab again, lurching from one side to the other with incessant motion.
  • Lund took a lurching step forward over the prone bodies of the men on the deck, that was splotched with blood.
  • The continued lurching of the vessels in which the cavalry was embarked, bore evidence of the inconvenient situation of the horses between decks.
  • The hotels had disgorged their customers, who were talking loudly in groups on the footpath or lurching homeward with uneven steps.
  • He stood for a moment, lurching with unpremeditated steps to the front and rear, astonished by the noise and the crowd.
  • Nothing moved in the unpaved street of the sleepy settlement, when the slow-footed oxen and lurching wagon had lumbered away.
  • The first rosy dawn showed on the horizon as a heavy, lurching step was heard on the stone stairs outside.
  • He could scarcely see the schooner lurching along behind them with jib still set, though the sail thrashed now and then.
  • With a lurching abruptness he swung his right hand around and seized the wrist of that trembling, injured hand that would not be still.
  • About eleven the big convoy of camions on the way to the front came through, lurching along the improvised road laid out across the fields.
  • There was also nipping frost in the air, the prairie glittered under the stars, and bitter draughts pulsed through the lurching car.
  • As he did so shreds of canvas flew from the lower plane, and dipping abruptly the crippled machine dropped, lurching hideously as it did so.
  • Von Barwig crushed the note in his hand and looked about helplessly, almost lurching forward in his bewilderment.
  • If Shorty had been noticing the woman he would have seen her start, but would have attributed it to the lurching of the cars.
  • Mullane, lurching drowsily in saddle all through the last stage, had thrown himself on the turf and gone sound asleep the moment the column halted.
  • McCloud felt the peril, and the lurching of the car could be seen in the jerk of the engine tender to which it was coupled.
  • She looked like some spurred Bacchante, lurching over the board with the great flagon a-nod in her hand.
  • So he spoke; and, the others lurching up again, we began to race through the wood to a place where the fog lay lighter and the mists had left.
  • Night found the lone driver slipping, plunging, lurching ahead of the dogs, or shoving at the handle-bars and shouting at the dogs.

Definition of Lurching

present participle of lurch | the action of the verb to lurch
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