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  • What luscious meringues!
  • A caddish but a luscious thing!
  • Azrael bestows not a glance on the luscious fruits.
  • Omelet, and what are those luscious looking things?
  • They are scarcely less cheap than the luscious banana.
  • Now a flute warbles a luscious solo, then a flageolet.
  • And, then, what plump, what luscious fruits are those?
  • Ah, the luscious Pippins youth crunched at ease!
  • He liked Sue, and he liked a luscious Bartlett.
  • A dozen luscious watercarriers had emptied their jars into the tub.
  • The luscious plenitude of form is equalled only by the finality of the rhythm.
  • While we were eating the luscious pink fruit neighbours began to saunter up.
  • The woman saw luscious purple huckleberries, but she went right on over them.
  • The luscious scent filled the air and caused a faint, delicious intoxication.
  • It was like new wine, luscious to the taste, but strong and heavy.
  • Miss Manning held up a twig on which twin, luscious apricots glowed.
  • It was a beautiful evening at the close of a warm, luscious day in old Spain.
  • The luscious fruit from the full Figtree shall Into thy bosome fall.
  • With these I plant the purple vine, With these I press the luscious wine.
  • The world is full of women--lovely, luscious women.

How To Use Luscious In A Sentence?

  • Somebody had discovered a pasture where the bushes were loaded with luscious fruit.
  • Not for the most luscious bunch of grass that ever grew would he pause even for an instant.
  • The luscious acid fruits and fruit-drinks they partook of contributed largely to their comfort.
  • For weeks we and all the neighbors held high carnival boiling and eating the luscious crustaceans.
  • Presently he returned with a vine clinging round him, covered with ripe luscious grapes.
  • A heady and luscious fragrance pervaded the atmosphere, exhaling from the open mouth of the bag.
  • He leaped from one tree to another, and sucked every luscious fruit he could find.
  • Her voice had the luscious English intonation, in spite of its being pitched a little too high.
  • The fruit is very luscious to the taste, and ranks among one of the first at an Antiguan table.
  • And in that instant Edward Henry felt all the sweetness of a complete and luscious revenge.
  • For many years the bay of San Francisco had been famed for the luscious quality of its oysters.
  • Pope he was inclined to degrade from a poet to a versifier, and thought his numbers rather luscious than sweet.
  • The tops of the chestnut-trees are peculiarly rich, as if a more luscious sunshine were falling on them than anywhere else.
  • She impressed the senses of the beholder like some ripe and luscious fruit, a growth of sunshine and summer.
  • The blue smoke of their cigars floated over the array of decanters, the luscious fruits and glittering plate.
  • It is very indigestible when eaten in its crude state, but makes a luscious sweetmeat, which is generally esteemed.
  • This was four hundred years ago, and to-day the same flora and the same luscious food grow there in similar abundance.
  • The smooth custard-like flesh forms a luscious mass between the fibrous core and the surface, studded with the hard seeds.
  • It was a scene of contentment, and the berries, dripping with fresh raindrops, looked luscious indeed as he feasted.
  • So they went, but it was only after they had travelled a great distance from home that they found the Terel tree with the ripe luscious fruit.

Definition of Luscious

sweet and pleasant; delicious | sexually appealing; seductive | obscene
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