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  • What lust of manhood!
  • This was an intense lust for approval.
  • Their intoxication and lust went to excess.
  • They who marry for lust are divorced for further lust.
  • Naught other than a suicidal lust for military power.
  • And lust, Remington! lust and bitterness!
  • Domina eine Lust und Freude.
  • Meister unter Lust und Schmerz.
  • I suppose that he hath slain her in fulfilling his foul lust of lechery.
  • It revels in the lust of boasting, so deeply ingrained in human nature.
  • Then, said the damosel, methinketh ye have no lust to help him.
  • My God, the very thought of it fills me with the lust of conquest.
  • Ilse hatte wenig Lust dazu, Ordnung kannte sie nur dem Namen nach.
  • Ilse hat gute Anlagen, es fehlt ihr nur der Trieb, die Lust zum Lernen.
  • The primal lust had burst the slender bar, Weak white man's morals.

How To Use Lust In A Sentence?

  • The accusation that he fought it from a lust of bloodshed is certainly a stupid calumny.
  • It is, when all is said and done, the fascination of the lust of painted faces.
  • Indeed, it seemed as though the whole nation had gone mad in its lust for blood.
  • You and I, we had at least a lust to take hold of life and make something of it.
  • But if others sought carnal lust in the cloister Luther led a most rigid and holy life.
  • Or France goes mad with the lust of empire and goes forth untamed until the day of Waterloo.
  • And then the weather was hot about noon, and Sir Launcelot had great lust to sleep.
  • Men drinkt hier kawa als wij bier, dus als men er lust in heeft, en de gelegenheid zich voordoet.
  • Yet one remains untold; with Lust endu'd, Behold the Fribler lab'ring to be lewd.
  • In the lust of cupidity they did not even think how they wrought against their own safety and that of the ship.
  • Could the lust of blood be changed by a document into the love of one's brother?
  • The empty words on either side did not check for a month the lust of conquest nor the passion of defence.
  • Her lust of cruelty crept upon him like a disease, the progress of which was hastened by all the circumstances of his disorderly life.
  • There is a lust, however, the unquenchable lust for gold, which seems to arouse the dullest from their apathy.
  • Menard was shouting for sheer lust and frenzy of battle, "What is the matter with the devils?
  • Take what she gives thee, leave all griefs aside, for now to fair and Then to foul her lust is.
  • The bishop's palace suffered the ruin of Burnell's magnificent hall through the prevalent lust for gain.
  • Then, fired with the lust of conquest, Tristrem bore down upon his foes and exacted a heavy toll of lives.
  • This very year a lady (singular iconoclast!) proclaimed a crusade against dolls; and the racy sermon against lust is a feature of the age.
  • It was too late to be moderate; my lust had got the bit between its teeth, and I might as well have pulled at the wind.
  • Er was niet veel lust bij de mannen, om mij te vergezellen, en het bevel van de hoofden had weinig effect.
  • But lust is a different thing altogether; my chaste soul could not forgive such a sin, and I declare open war against it.
  • Nor will a Chamberlain be more fortunate in effecting the triumph of Capitalism, with its lust for power, over us.
  • Through the hungry flesh, and the lust of delight, And hot secrets of dreams that day cannot say?).

Definition of Lust

(intransitive, usually in the phrase "lust after") To look at or watch with a strong desire, especially of a sexual nature. | A feeling of strong desire, especially such a feeling driven by sexual arousal. | (archaic) A general want or longing, not necessarily sexual.
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