Lusted In A Sentence

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  • Canon lusted after her.
  • With his whole life he lusted drink.
  • Evil, evil was he, and as he grew he lusted for rule.
  • The portrait painter lusted for him, and then retired sorrowfully.

How To Use Lusted In A Sentence?

  • With him the girl was only the means to the end that his whole nature now lusted for.
  • I sat down and delivered myself of it to my companions, who also had lusted after the flesh-pots.
  • It was the life he had lusted for, and the mere physical spaciousness of his new outlook was a delight.
  • It lusted after meaner pursuits than glory, war, and slaying, it was not faithful to the highest idea of the self.
  • An to one ever accrue any boon he lusted and longed for Any time after despair, grateful it comes to his soul.
  • Yet I lusted to thieve, and did it, compelled by no hunger, nor poverty, but through a cloyedness of well-doing, and a pamperedness of iniquity.

Definition of Lusted

simple past tense and past participle of lust
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