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  • The nettles revel lustful and unreaped.
  • The lustful glance is placed in the same category with the licentious act.
  • They prevail, not as lustful excesses, but as religious observances.
  • She was lustful and lewd? -- but a God; we had none other.

How To Use Lustful In A Sentence?

  • It is, of course, easy to say that such preference is due to the lustful nature of the male.
  • In lustful growth and endless mirth With leafy slopes and forests glistening.
  • Misconstrue not Her pure and heavenly rapture, blaming it As lustful heat unbridled.
  • To gratify a loose desire; My love is chaste, without alloy Of wanton wish or lustful fire.
  • We intend to show his adulterous and lustful nature, which has culminated in a dastardly deed and jeopardized his neck.
  • Bromide of Potassium is a most valuable remedy in allaying lustful and heated passions and appetites.
  • The lustful look of the woman had spoken too clearly, and when he had taken her hand, he had felt it burn and tremble in his.
  • Incapable of commanding my feelings; become the slave and the plaything of my shameful desires and of my lustful passions!...
  • For behind the lustful glistening in Carew's eyes there lurked a shadow of fear.
  • The disgusting ape, lustful and brutish, is as good as the purest virgin who performs severe penances for her idle dreams.
  • Here the cruel, the covetous, the lustful and the liar were as creatures dragged from black caverns of darkness into the burning light of day.
  • The only way to save her from the lustful designs of some carnal coenobite at Halls, was to have her become a simple and uninteresting sister.
  • Dear reader, if I were to paint it with a faithful pen, my portrait of that lustful vixen would frighten you.
  • At this time Spain was so strong that she deemed herself omnipotent, and was looking with lustful eyes towards England.
  • There was a horrible sort of despair on the faces of some as they thought of their more wealthy neighbours; lustful triumph on the faces of others as they thought of their own hoarded gold.
  • No more could the libertine prosecute her with his hellish passions; no more could his vile and lustful desires wreak their vengeance on her, because of disappointment.
  • What had been given him to guard, he had looked upon with unholy hunger; that which had been left with him to treasure, he had defiled with lustful eyes.
  • That the popular religious excitement caused by the mysteries and favoured by the darkness often produced scenes of lustful revelry, may be probable enough.
  • And how essentially did they differ from those other barbarians before whose bewildered, lustful gaze had risen the glittering palaces on the hills of the Tiber?
  • Browning shows us how to follow with serene security the pure light of the emotion of love, amidst all the confused lawlessness of lustful passion, and through all the intricacies of human character.

Definition of Lustful

Full of lust; driven by lust.
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