Lutherans In A Sentence

Definition of Lutherans

indefinite genitive singular of lutheran

How To Use Lutherans In A Sentence?

  • By it complete liberty of religion and worship was guaranteed to the Lutherans for the future.
  • Who would have thought that it was possible for Lutherans to understand the language of the church?
  • A deaconess home has also recently been founded by Norwegian Lutherans in South Brooklyn, L. I.
  • Otherwise, he would have suffered in the manner of the hapless Lutherans of Ponce de Leon's time.
  • The Lutherans would not unite with the Calvinists, and the Calvinists would not accede to the demands of the Lutherans.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Lutherans | Lutherans Sentence

  • The Lutherans also gathered an army for their defense.
  • Flattered by this great victory, the Lutherans grew bold.
  • And the Lutherans every one, Excommunicate from God.
  • Calvinists before Calvin, Lutherans before Luther, Wiclyfites before Wiclyf.

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