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  • It still grows luxuriantly there.
  • The gardens of the city are luxuriantly stored.
  • The coffee shrub or tree will bear luxuriantly for forty or fifty years.
  • The room was not large, but was tastefully, even luxuriantly furnished.
  • A curious flower, the "kosisant," grows luxuriantly about here.

How To Use Luxuriantly In A Sentence?

  • A truant squelched his toes in the warm mud and let it ooze luxuriantly over and between them.
  • All sorts of ugly weeds grow most luxuriantly out of the grave in poisonous rankness.
  • The canyon is luxuriantly covered in places with a large variety of wild flowers.
  • Trees, shrubs and all kinds of plants thrive luxuriantly in this volcanic soil.
  • It grew wild and luxuriantly within a few feet of the broad piazza of the country-house.
  • The herbaceous plants grow luxuriantly in these woods, and attain a remarkable height.
  • All the fruits of southern Europe thrive luxuriantly in the warm regions of Peru.
  • His dark hair waved luxuriantly about a face in which keenness and shrewdness were easily to be seen.
  • Others had their faces entirely exposed, their dark tresses falling luxuriantly ever their shoulders.
  • The spot is a lonely one, but ferns and heather flourish luxuriantly all about this ancient homestead.
  • The latter had already flourished so rankly that they continued to grow luxuriantly even in the freer air of the capital.
  • Legend grew luxuriantly round his birth and early career; and he obtained the rank of the greatest of all the gods.
  • The country consists of downs luxuriantly covered with good grasses except at places which are overrun with roley-poley.
  • Bologna calls its serious inhabitants to a little rising ground, whence the prospect is luxuriantly verdant and smiling.
  • Bacteria grow luxuriantly in foods containing a good deal of nitrogenous material, if warmth and moisture are present.
  • It was completely covered with ferns; delicate, feathery maiden-hair ferns, as luxuriantly green as in mid-summer.
  • His hair, getting between the collar of his coat and his cravat, lies luxuriantly on his shoulders, and greases whatever spot it touches.
  • His moose-hide moccasins sank luxuriantly into the deep carpet, and his eyes were caught by a Turner sunrise on the opposite wall.
  • The people manufacture silks and cottons, and export quantities of small raisins, which grow very luxuriantly in and about the city of Corinth.
  • On the coast it flourishes very luxuriantly during the misty season; but during the months of February and March it is almost entirely dried up.
  • In the south it grows so luxuriantly and so determinedly that it has become a serious pest to the farmer, crowding more useful plants from the pasture.
  • Once more the young year glories in the feat Of driving winter off with vernal heat And tepid sap luxuriantly strong.
  • The place was embowered in trees: lemon, fig, pear, plum, apple, quince and pomegranate flourished luxuriantly in the irrigated soil.
  • The mulberry-tree flourishes luxuriantly and without cultivation; but its fruit is not thought worth gathering, and it is left as food for the birds.
  • He knew her so well, and the habits of her mind, that he was fully assured if his fancies should blossom too luxuriantly she would ruthlessly pull them up and throw them on the path.
  • Fruits and grains grow luxuriantly where the ground is turned over, and as if to make the natives laugh at the need of such labour the forests yield fruits and nuts with lavish generosity.
  • It is an annual, a native of tropical countries, where it thrives luxuriantly even in the dryest soils, but it is also cultivated in other parts of the world.
  • The carde is a giant thistle that grows to a height of five or six feet, and is so luxuriantly magnificent both in leaf and in flower that it deserves a place among ornamental plants.
  • And he proceeded to talk learnedly and luxuriantly on all the wines of the world; on which subject, also, some moralists would consider that he knew too much.
  • In many places thick clusters of herbage were seen growing luxuriantly from crumbling interstices of the stones in the perpendicular face of the masonry, fifty feet from the ground.
  • Tingling with excitement, she arrayed herself finally in the luxuriantly muffling black and gold splendor, and started cautiously down the long, creaky front stairs.
  • The prairies of eastern Kansas, from which the buffalo had been driven, were more fertile and produced grass more luxuriantly than the ranges farther west.
  • The day had been so calm, and everything their eyes fell upon was so luxuriantly lovely, that they could not force themselves to come in doors, till the twilight overtook them.
  • A stupid mongrel pup stretched itself luxuriantly upon the ground in the shade of the barn, and drowsily watched the busy hens, with one eye half open.

Definition of Luxuriantly

In a luxuriant manner.
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