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  • Certainly he is not lyrical or charming.
  • Williams laughs at my lyrical outbursts.
  • Paradise Lost and Lyrical Poems of Milton.
  • It is significant here only in the field of lyrical expression.
  • The lyrical cry emerges clear and sharp in all that concerns their humanity.
  • Channing became lyrical over the salad, and was moved to propose a toast.
  • I want my tea," was the muttered and lyrical reply.
  • She suggests far rather an electrical, inspired, lyrical nature.
  • He is more lyrical than Mr. Saintsbury, more imaginative and more eloquent.
  • In "The Token" also were printed his own earlier lyrical pieces.
  • They grew lyrical over them: "And how do you like our olive trees?

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  • But it is not such a bad mistake as to have four large music schools without one lyrical theatre.
  • She is a type of the inspired lyrical nature, a belated child of the Renaissance.
  • Grouped about him are the sculptured forms of Tragedy, Lyrical Poetry, and Research.
  • Hence the form of these two pieces is intermediate between wisdom sonnets and the lyrical poems that follow.
  • And it makes this form inappropriate for persons who have not at least a certain degree of lyrical taste.
  • Thus the same conception would become a stanza or a volume, according as its treatment were lyrical or romantic.
  • So he crushed at one stroke all the hard, arid forms which existed in the lyrical drama as it had been known.
  • The merit of all lyrical poetry consists in the clearness and cleanness with which it is cut; no tags or loose ends can any where be permitted.
  • The prose portions of this tale are represented in the translation by blank verse, and the lyrical portions by rhymed verse.
  • These early poems are the lyrical cries and luminous flares of a dawn, no doubt; but they are incarnate of youth.
  • At no time since the appearance of the Kilmarnock volume has the worth of his lyrical achievement been seriously questioned.
  • It may not be effective as an argument against those who are bent on disparaging the greatest lyrical wit in modern English literature.
  • Yet by common consent, these tragic occurrences did not awaken our numerous poets to any really remarkable effort, lyrical or elegiac.
  • There are nearly three hundred pages of it altogether, some of them as fantastic and lyrical as any that Meredith ever wrote.
  • Indeed the very dogmas of the Epicurean school, if taken in all earnestness, were suppressive of lyrical enthusiasm.
  • Some one may have told him that even the most lyrical greeting would not be valued by the Albanians half as much as a shipload of munitions.
  • Sometimes she would take down from a shelf a volume of old English poetry, and become absorbed in the lyrical sweetness of the verse.
  • A few lyrical dramas have been successful on the stage, and Poetry, by its own living energy, has triumphed over prevailing prejudices.
  • The Poet supplies only the words, to which, in a lyrical tragedy, music and rhythmical motion are essential accessories.
  • His lyrical strength, his passion, his terse vocabulary, his exquisite fancy and tenderness illumed every page, giving it dignity and color.
  • The lyrical Milton and the romantic Spenser found disciples among poets in the early half of the eighteenth century.
  • A bell cut short his lyrical effusion, a short, shrill, strident bell, twice interrupted, twice resumed and then ceasing.
  • The whole body of his work, whether lyrical in the strictest sense or propagandist, is in the nature of a Book of Revelation.
  • Sanskrit plays are full of lyrical passages describing scenes or persons presented to view, or containing reflections suggested by the incidents that occur.
  • Even in the amiable character that figures in the dawn of a higher life, in Ewald von Kleist, the lyrical strivings are very remarkable.
  • She was almost lyrical in her praise of J., who stood highest in her esteem, and "Master good!
  • Job breaks the silence to dilate, with lyrical elaboration, upon the situation of utter ruin which is to be the starting-point of the dramatic discussion.
  • We have said that the lyrical effusions interspersed throughout the "Drama of Exile," are very slovenly and defective in point of rhyme.
  • One of these, which is too long for translation and in some respects ill-suited to a modern taste, forms the proper transition from the descriptive to the lyrical section.

Definition of Lyrical

Appropriate for or suggestive of singing. | Expressive of emotion.
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