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  • The machinist gave it to him.
  • That crazy machinist came back, and some one was with him.
  • I'll make a machinist out of you yet, see if I don't.
  • You know he's a fine machinist and makes good money.
  • One I recognized as the insane machinist who was here before.

How To Use Machinist In A Sentence?

  • Today workers have this knowledge in a form that any machinist can use with a little instruction.
  • He had gone away for a moment, in which interval the crazy machinist had appeared.
  • The machinist began a rambling talk, and the scarlet-cloaked figure stepped forward.
  • The contest would have been not merely with seven hundred men, but with every machinist in the city.
  • Men zou gezegd hebben, dat een machinist naar welgevallen de afwisselende verschijnselen dier bronnen bestuurde.
  • Would any one in all the world think of the little machinist if she sallied forth in purple silk and Paisley shawl?
  • He had met in one of the shops he frequented a machinist who rented one of Farnham's houses.
  • A little in the rear of the crazy machinist was a Martian enveloped in a scarlet cloak, which hung from his shoulders to the ground.
  • Connie was in the same trade that Sue earned her bread by; she also was a machinist in a large warehouse in the City.
  • Score after score of the queer creatures went down, among the first to fall being the machinist and Zun Flor.
  • Before I could stop him the crazy machinist had thrown something at me, which I now know must have been a bomb.
  • Either that, or else the machinist up at Memphis had done a "corking good job," as the master often declared.
  • Lulli was not only a composer, but created his own orchestra, trained his artists in acting and singing, and was machinist as well as ballet-master and music-director.

Definition of Machinist

A constructor of machines and engines; one versed in the principles of machines. | One skilled in the use of machine tools for fashioning metal parts or tools out of metal. | A person who operates machinery.
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