Made For In A Sentence

How To Use Made For In A Sentence?

  • Our calendar is made for this climate.
  • Much allowance ought to have been made for them.
  • He made for the dark shore.
  • There is no provision made for its escape.
  • With a rush they made for the airship.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Made For | Made For Sentence

  • As if it had been made for me!
  • We are made for each other.
  • I was not made for you.
  • We were made for each other.
  • The match was made for him.
  • You were not made for this work.
  • Look at the position she has made for herself.
  • Daniel made for the steps.
  • Dick at once made for the sawmill.
  • Statutory limits were made for me.
  • We are made for the earth.
  • He made for the ladder.
  • They were made for war.
  • Then he made for the door.
  • What do they hold themselves made for?
  • Clothes made for me especial?
  • Other plans have been made for him.
  • Then they made for home.
  • Preparations were at once made for a start.
  • No other provision was made for him.
  • Time is made for slaves!
  • Cato made for the door.
  • It fitted as if it had been made for him.
  • Then she made for the door.
  • Night was made for sleep.
  • So we made for the timber.
  • You were not made for that place.
  • He made for the door.
  • Moore was made for life.
  • He was not made for this life.
  • Man was not made for cities.
  • He made for the shore.
  • Wilkinson made for the door.
  • And they made for their lodgings.
  • Elaborate preparations were made for the defence.
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