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  • It was quite enough to read about him in the magazines and admire his exploits from a distance.
  • In the outer office she paused for a moment or so to look at the magazines and weeklies from home.
  • More palpitant by the second, she replaced her magazines and got into her wraps.
  • The leather on bound magazines and books often becomes very dry and will split and crack.
  • All the magazines and newspapers that were published were full of the doings of the Methodists.
  • Hot rod people have magazines and they break speed limits and sometimes kill people. . . .
  • One day, this Summer, the postman brought me a package of magazines and a letter.
  • Meanwhile, Mike was left to his milk chocolate, his magazines, and his reflections.
  • She went to the Mercantile Library one day and looked over files of magazines and reviews.
  • Meantime, I was breaking out into poetry in the magazines, and writing 'criticism' by the yard.
  • To note and report passages in books, newspapers, magazines, and reviews referring to Secularism.
  • A great deal of his writing was done while editor of various magazines and newspapers.
  • Writer for newspapers, magazines and reviews in France, England, Germany and America.
  • We can not say this of the many aspiring magazines and periodicals that have solicited the charity of his name.
  • Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1913 (including the Magazines and the Poets, a review).
  • Here he supported himself by tutoring, and by writing for electrical magazines and for a daily paper.
  • Men jumped into the magazines and buttoned the keys of the bulkhead doors so that there would be no crevice for sparks.
  • You can't get raw oysters and magazines and individual cocktails and shaves on it.
  • Low prices for magazines and family papers bring to these periodicals an increasing list from the rural offices.
  • And the contents of these two are outlined for us, again and again, in magazines and newspaper sketches.
  • And just a word about an economy found necessary by the magazines and newspapers which take back the copies the newsdealer does not sell.
  • These writings have been published in many magazines and journals, and a large number in pamphlet form.
  • On the great divan against the wall lay the month's magazines and two illustrated weeklies.
  • The sources for arguments on such subjects are to be found in books, magazines, and official reports.
  • Ten-cent magazines and cheap stories are devoured by mother and daughters to the destruction of sane thoughts and connected ideas.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Magazines And | Magazines And Sentence

  • Contributor to magazines and reviews.
  • But these are magazines and arsenals.
  • Contributor poems and articles to magazines and newspapers.
  • Skateboarders have magazines, and they trespass a lot.
  • With great joy he brought back two magazines and a book.
  • Old magazines and newspapers were scattered all over the place.
  • There are old magazines and tissue-paper all over the place.
  • Magazines and supply-rooms were locked and supplies were issued on order.
  • Monthly magazines and newspapers were spread upon the library table.
  • He was not in the habit of offering magazines and sweets to young women.
  • Do you mind giving him these magazines and papers, with my love?
  • She wrote for magazines, and translated from foreign languages.
  • His friends sent him magazines and books, which he gladly shared with her.
  • Newspapers, magazines, and clubs are discussing household problems.
  • He bought newspapers, books, magazines, and opened none of them.
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