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How To Use Magnetized In A Sentence?

  • As he stood in rags gaping at the monster, it seemed as if he was magnetized to the ground.
  • It was something of the purely physical world, as a magnetized needle swings towards soft iron.
  • Edith had such a sweet, coaxing way with her, she magnetized pain and subdued self-distrust.
  • Alfassy Janos magnetized his hearers with cradling, caressing movements of his fiddle.
  • The brilliant personality of Wilhelm II had magnetized the vacillating, timorous Nicholas.
  • We have magnetized the atoms in these bricks in such a way that they push away the atoms of any other material that comes in contact with them.
  • Hard iron is less susceptible of being magnetized, but when once magnetized it retains its magnetism permanently.
  • Being as much discomposed as it was possible for him to be, his feelings individualized the man and magnetized the observer.
  • They tell you that an iron core cannot be magnetized suddenly, that it takes time to acquire its magnetism.
  • Eagerly, he punched the figures for the heading onto a magnetized wire that would be fed into the gyropilot.
  • These steel bars were all magnetized separately and placed with like poles together so as to form a single bar magnet.
  • He was left deserted and alone at the teas and gatherings, magnetized from one spot to another whither she moved forgetfully away.
  • Oneida Institute was a refuge for the oppressed, quite as much as a place where the students were magnetized and taught to weed onions.
  • Some vessels are more liable to become sub-permanently magnetized than others, and as no corrector has been found for this source of deviation the navigator must determine its amount by observation.
  • When the "keeper" was put on the poles of the magnet it was magnetized by having its molecular rings broken up and the poles of the little natural magnets all turned in one direction.
  • The soft iron cores of the coils became strongly magnetized as the poles of the revolving magnet came opposite to them; and their polarity was reversed at each half-revolution of the magnet.
  • Night drew on apace; the moon rose, and the inhabitants pretended to rest, but were shortly magnetized out of their houses, where they danced till daybreak.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Magnetized | Magnetized Sentence

  • The first glance magnetized his audience.
  • He magnetized all who came within his influence.
  • He had powerful gray eyes and they magnetized the truth out of her.
  • This jar is filled with water and the magnetized needle placed in it.

Definition of Magnetized

That has been made magnetic | simple past tense and past participle of magnetize
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