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  • I can guess the taste and magnificence of those balls.
  • The town took on airs of magnificence and extravagance.
  • Balls of great magnificence were given almost every night.
  • Yet the record of its one-time magnificence still remains.
  • There was nothing of the magnificence or the pageantry she had expected.
  • The magnificence of his person had daunted my strong imagination.
  • Of its outward magnificence the monuments furnish ample proof.
  • I saw it, and the added beauty of its magnificence glorified the whole woman.
  • Poverty, in fact, revels in halls where magnificence once reigned supreme.

How To Use Magnificence In A Sentence?

  • Keith smiled, running his eyes over the portly magnificence of his gently perspiring figure.
  • Susa boasted greater magnificence and luxury than this one-time dwelling of Croesus.
  • This may be prose, but it has not a little of the magnificence of the Lucretian logic.
  • The house possessed an air of magnificence and luxury which I scarcely expected.
  • And Kiddo had indulged in a stroke of magnificence that no other Jago would have thought of.
  • He lives with as great Magnificence and Splendor almost as any Subject of the Republic.
  • The magnificence of his realm is as nothing compared with that which now whirls before him on tiptoe.
  • I am now simply overcome with astonishment at so much magnificence and such a profusion of splendid works of art.
  • The respectable women vied in the magnificence and ostentation of their costumes with the women of the lower world.
  • Sam was struck with the magnificence of the principal buildings, including the palace and the cathedral.
  • Looking back upon that scene after the lapse of more than fifty years, its magnificence has not yet faded.
  • Before any idea of the richness and architectural magnificence of the temple itself can be formed, this wall must be passed.
  • Purcell might have achieved more magnificent work, but that is a bad reason for forgetting the magnificence of the work he did achieve.
  • The bleak magnificence of the moor stretched away in endless billows, as sad and desolate as the sea on which no sail was to be seen.
  • So long as their strength was untried, imagination ran riot, and there was no bound to the magnificence of their bad schemes.
  • He had never seen anything like the magnificence of the uniforms of the Emperor's staff.
  • The obelisks are generally two in number, the colossi vary from four to six for each pylon, according to the magnificence of the temple.
  • But the scene is closed, and all its magnificence shut in, only that it may open out again, as it were, into all the wonders of a new creation.
  • In other galleries you see merely the Arts, here you are dazzled with the renewed and costly magnificence of a royal palace.
  • All these are clad in the magnificence of Oriental drapery, the colours of each pair on either side of the central light answering like to like.
  • In striking contrast to all this magnificence was the lowly home to which James Starbuck brought his happy bride.
  • That a building of the magnificence attested by these crumbling walls should have been allowed to fall into decay so shortly after its completion is a singular fact.
  • It will be a vast structure of the most beautiful symmetry, testifying by its magnificence to the splendour of the new life of which it is to be the scene.
  • It is seated on the river Narboan in Estremadura, and is still to be seen towering in gloomy magnificence on the hill above the town.
  • There is a great deal of magnificence at Lyons, in the way of quays, promenades, and buildings; but its excessive filthiness spoils everything.
  • He is Spanish, with all the absurd notions of the average Spaniard as to the future glories and magnificence of Spain.
  • Little accustomed to the magnificence that surrounded her, she soon wearied of it, craving simpler manners and the greater freedom of private intercourse.
  • As the dawn of the morning brightened in the east, the sun rose upon a scene of such splendour and magnificence as perhaps has seldom been witnessed at such short notice.
  • The condition of penury in which the holy Bishop had placed himself owing to his magnificence and liberality was greatly aggravated by the condition of the times.
  • There all the magnificence of the Pharaohs is collected; there the greatest artistic conceptions formed and realised by mankind are to be seen.
  • Though the dress of the Granville women does not attempt to equal or rival the magnificence just described, nevertheless it is as quaint and characteristic.

Definition of Magnificence

grandeur, brilliance, lavishness or splendor | The act of doing what is magnificent; the state or quality of being magnificent. | impressiveness
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