Magnified In A Sentence

How To Use Magnified In A Sentence?

  • Doubtless they magnified the risk in order to enhance the value of their services.
  • The leader is magnified to heroic size and held up before the enemy as a threat.
  • This rumbling sound was magnified in the fog until it seemed almost deafening at times.
  • His sins were no real sins, or he had magnified their sinfulness out of all proportion.
  • The magnified emotions of youth had suddenly made him feel very old and very responsible.
  • Let it be magnified to the utmost extent, it is still only magnified, not metamorphosed.
  • The news of skirmishes along the border came, magnified and colored in the telling.
  • Domestic authority, like some other powers, is apt to be magnified on the weaker class.
  • If the disorders of the Irish system have been magnified its benefits have been forgotten.
  • Later events have magnified the significance of this notable speech of the 8th of January.
  • He said it would have been the Venezuela incident magnified by present conditions.
  • Silent figures, magnified by the mist, came and went like shadow pictures on a screen.
  • The importance of this feature has not been properly magnified in the Black Forest stories.
  • Boghead appears to be of an entirely different character (Fig. 5, magnified X300).

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Magnified | Magnified Sentence

  • It was magnified indeed in her eyes.
  • Opposition had magnified inclination into desire.
  • She thought her fears had magnified her danger to herself.
  • The brow is magnified by the eye into the whole face.
  • More magnified in Fig.
  • It was the sing-song girl idea, magnified many diameters.
  • It amused him to think how Meg magnified his offense.
  • Whether living or dying, be Thou magnified in my body.
  • Know this, that the Lord hath magnified His Holy One.
  • The reporters had seized upon these meagre details and magnified them.
  • He perceived the other man student regarding this with magnified eyes.
  • Every trifling omission may be magnified into a grave offence.
  • Each separate god was magnified in praises as self-sufficient.
  • Two million dollars was magnified into unheard-of proportions.
  • He wove dreams and magnified the least incident into an adventure.
  • She was dismayed at the tale he bore her, magnified to cover his own shame.
  • Bertie was magnified into a giant, his speed into speed of the swiftest bird.
  • Now it was more than vibration, a distinct roll of sound magnified and echoed.
  • Some moralists have condemned it as pure egoism, magnified and disguised.
  • The one nature magnified labor, the other nature depreciated and despised it.
  • The dark stern face, as he saw it, was magnified into that of a fiend.
  • Mr. Yarrell gives representations of two magnified specimens of their food.
  • Let His name be magnified in all poor folks' devotion!
  • The names of God and Patrick were magnified through this miracle.
  • A Sun-spot Magnified 247 7.
  • The beauties of Lake Tahoe can hardly be magnified to the people of the West.

Definition of Magnified

Having been visually enlarged by the process of magnification. | simple past tense and past participle of magnify
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