Maiden in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Maiden

1. That is what no modest maiden should choose. 🔊

2. That night the little maiden could not sleep. 🔊

3. Again the maiden looked down sadly upon the earth. 🔊

4. Day after day the sea maiden came to the island. 🔊

5. The maiden lady seemed to nurse a grievance. 🔊

6. Thus was the maiden freed from the hated flax-spinning. 🔊

7. A maiden wants so little to make her happy. 🔊

8. Such a tiny, pretty little maiden she was. 🔊

9. The maiden saw the winged hours floating over the sea. 🔊

10. There was not a lovelier maiden in all Wallachia. 🔊

11. No maiden so cruel as Dolly! 🔊

12. Their maiden name was Turner. 🔊

13. But an old maiden aunt, whom, rest her soul! 🔊

14. But now, I saw a maiden here, beautiful as an angel. 🔊

15. He loved the tiny maiden so well that he settled down beside her. 🔊

16. From the first the maiden must have guessed his high degree. 🔊

17. On and on floated the leaf, the little maiden and the butterfly. 🔊

18. But all the time, you know, she was the prettiest little maiden in the world. 🔊

19. No padlocks, bolts, or bars can secure a maiden so well as her own reserve. 🔊

How to use Maiden in Sentences?

1. And the fairy brought the heads of the damsels for the maiden to play at ball with. 🔊

2. The maiden stooped to pluck one of the colourless flowers that bloomed in the garden. 🔊

3. The first maiden who had approached the chair was now turning to re-pass into her place. 🔊

4. Then the little maiden opened her brown eyes very wide, for she had never before seen the land. 🔊