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  • At Maidenhead everything had been unwonted.
  • He indicated the rest of Maidenhead by a movement.
  • Lock 5 miles, to Maidenhead 6 miles.
  • This afternoon, under the Maidenhead influence, I talked too much of sex.
  • Thou mayst lay thy Maidenhead upon't, and be sure of the Misfortune to win.

How To Use Maidenhead In A Sentence?

  • The Maidenhead Inn, which stood at the south-east corner of this, was a favourite resort for mealmen and country waggoners.
  • Pink geraniums, vivid green lawns, gay awnings, bright glass, white paint and shining metal set the tone of Maidenhead life.

Definition of Maidenhead

(uncountable) Virginity. | (anatomy) The hymen.
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