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  • The mainsail was quickly got down.
  • Then he began to shake the mainsail loose.
  • The dimensions of the mainsail are given in Fig.
  • Before them loomed up the outline of Mainsail Haul.
  • Of course, Mainsail Haul is an invitation to thieves.
  • Carlsen shouted from aft, where the mainsail was being winged out.
  • I didn't dare lower mainsail or jib.
  • With mainsail and jib we ran out from the land and passed safely over the bar.
  • Our topsails were reefed, and the mainsail was hauled up and handled.
  • A mainsail carried by a gaff has two halyards, the throat and peak.
  • The mainsail was soon hoisted, and the catboat moved slowly out of the bay.
  • We must jibe, or swing the mainsail over, which might result in a capsize.
  • Anyway, you may as well give Louis a hand to get the mainsail on to her.
  • They stopped to open a gate, the gate leading to the gardens of Mainsail Haul.
  • But Herbert had not furled a mainsail off Cape Horn for nothing.

How To Use Mainsail In A Sentence?

  • The other two sides of the mainsail are then laid off and pencil lines drawn.
  • Moses will give you the mainsail when ready, and you can hook the halyards on to it.
  • Straining and hauling, they got their mainsail up and set their foresail and jib.
  • Russel made no answer, but ordered his men to fetch the mainsail from the sloop.
  • They were swaying up the mainsail when Leary happened to look over his shoulder.
  • Meanwhile the Wanderer lay to, with her mainsail flattened and her topsails aback.
  • Mrs. Green kindly transformed an old tent into a mainsail of no mean proportions.
  • Stephen Orry stepped to his mast, hoisted mainsail and mizzen, and stood out to sea.
  • It was a happy, if a trifle hysterical little dinner party that evening at Mainsail Haul.
  • Lessingham turned away, pushed open the gate, and walked up the drive of Mainsail Haul.
  • Going out he found her driving through the water under her whole mainsail and the helmsman sitting stolidly at the tiller.
  • The big mainsail of the barge had been dropped and the men with the sheriff were paddling the craft in to the shore.
  • Tied to the lower corners of the mainsail were two sticks which were used for guiding the sail when in flight.
  • The sloop was then rolling wildly as she drove along with the peak of her mainsail lowered down before a big following sea.
  • Dick swung the tiller around, and in a few seconds the mainsail came down with a bang and was secured by the others.
  • He had run farther than he had expected, and he must try to hoist the peak of the mainsail and haul her on the wind.
  • In a flash the boat had rounded to, the mainsail fell, and a veil of spray hid the actors of her drama.
  • Suddenly, the gaff of the cutter's mainsail was seen to droop, and the boom was hauled on board.
  • We had a good sleep that night, sleeping till sunrise on the pebbly beach with the mainsail of the sailing cutter for a tent over us.
  • At last, hoisting the reefed mainsail and slacking off a few of the hard-won feet of the chain, we sailed the anchor out.
  • Moreover, although she carried an enormous club-topsail and a mainsail of big area, she heeled over the least of any of the boats.
  • The foresail and the mainsail of the Caribbee were hoisted, and her crew were busy in getting up the anchor.
  • Then he and Andrew got the mainsail down and the boat rode to her moorings; though she was not at rest.
  • You have a good boat, with mast, mainsail and jib, and more provisions than either the second mate or myself.
  • The oars slipped from numb fingers; the anchor plunged into the green water; the mainsail rattled down the mast.

Definition of Mainsail

(nautical) The largest (or only) sail on a sailing vessel.
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