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  • Mr. Browne alone maintains a dignified silence.
  • A Maintainer is what maintains a Place.
  • My household maintains a more dignified air, though it is none the less dreary.
  • Here, at his home, madame maintains a simple restaurant for tramps like me.
  • Foundation,, and maintains a personal site at
  • Maintains a service of passenger steamers between Newhaven and Dieppe.
  • This parish maintains a Parochial Hall and Mission at Portobello.
  • The Unitarian maintains a divine Humanity--a blessed, blessed truth.

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  • Clyffurde maintains a detached impersonal attitude both to the Bonapartist and the royalist cause.
  • I am not able to say whether the city of Philadelphia maintains a vessel similar to ours or not.
  • It somewhat resembles the Russian sable, and generally maintains a steady price.
  • Wherever he is in residence he maintains a degree of state scarcely inferior to that of the sovereign herself.
  • It buries itself in the skin on the more protected parts of the body, and by its punctures maintains a constant irritation.
  • This maintains a uniform pressure of 30 volts from the beginning to the end of the charge, at the lamp socket.
  • It is not enough that a man holds a correct creed of doctrine, and maintains a proper outward form of godliness.
  • This was succeeded by the tallow and more scientifically made wax candle, which last still maintains a certain popularity.
  • Truth puts men and things in their right places, and maintains a holy moral balance which is absolutely priceless.
  • The temperature falls at times 30 or 40 degrees below zero and the wind maintains a velocity of from forty to fifty miles an hour.
  • Educated at the court of our republic, he is neither proud nor humble, but maintains a happy medium with every one.
  • The wild asparagus even, undaunted by the extreme cold, maintains a sturdy existence all the year round.
  • In the understanding of concrete causes, the material of study varies, but reason maintains a constant or general attitude.
  • The lady who maintains a handsome apartment and entertains lavishly is probably a "kept" woman with an ambiguous past.
  • The King by contrast maintains a degree of consistency, notwithstanding his formulaic deathbed renunciation of evil.
  • It is noticeable that Susy does not get overheated when she is complimenting me, but maintains a proper judicial and biographical calm.
  • And almost every board maintains a list of phone-numbers to other boards, some in distant, tempting, exotic locales.
  • The Office maintains a mailing list, and application for publications should be directed to the Director.
  • But Forest Chapel still maintains a rite which flourished when the long since perished trees were sprouts and saplings.
  • The feed association maintains a feed warehouse, purchases feeds in quantity and does business both with the duck growers and with other persons in the market for feed.
  • One large Italian factory maintains a New York office through which it deals directly with domestic retailers.
  • During the dream-state it is so far separated from the physical body as to have no further connection with the organs of sense; but it still maintains a certain connection with the etheric body.
  • The chronicler does not write with the strong feeling of a man who maintains a doubtful cause; there is no hint of any alternative view which needs to be disproved and rejected in favour of his own.
  • It will be understood that in the latter case the same thread moves from side to side in order to bridge the gap, whereas in the former case each thread maintains a fixed position in the width.
  • In the outlying possessions of Spain, in Spanish America and elsewhere, the institution still maintains a precarious existence.
  • The principle is the same as in the familiar plumbing trap, which constantly maintains a given level of water in a tank, no matter how much water may be drawn from the tank.
  • Such a course maintains a nominal and formal unity while in fact encouraging the military and corrupt forces that keep China divided and which make for foreign aggression.
  • The opposite view, once predominant, has been shrinking for ages into lesser space, and now maintains a footing only in a few departments of nature which happen to be less liable than others to a clear investigation.
  • He probably knows by name at least three-quarters of his regiment, and is on pleasant terms with his staff and the men in the ranks, and yet maintains a proper dignity, such as befits his official rank.
  • So many vessels have been lost by coming in collision with such floating wrecks at night, that the Government maintains a special line of gunboats, whose one duty is to search them out and blow them up with dynamite.
  • But as to who invented the idea of pain and whence came the superstition that we must have lungs to breathe and that the heart is necessary to life, Mrs. Eddy maintains a discreet silence.
  • The central government in Switzerland maintains a university, the Polytechnic at Zuerich, and by virtue of the constitution also exerts an influence over education throughout the Confederation.
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