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  • The major proved kind and sensible.
  • Unconsciously the Major discouraged the impulse.
  • The Major looked pained.
  • The Major still stared.
  • Edward Middleton had become major of his regiment.
  • The Major dealt with them anything but gently.
  • The Major had by this time collected his startled wits.
  • The Major stared at her, astounded.
  • The Major stared after her, blankly.
  • The Major toyed with a pen, and seemed to be thinking.
  • Again did Major Middleton lead his regiment.
  • The Major himself was rarely "sir" to Ellen.
  • K (14) Umlauff, Major von.
  • This force was placed in command of Major Emery Foster.
  • The major glanced at the captain, and the captain at a third companion.
  • The production of the first of them in E flat major had been a failure.
  • The Major adhered rigorously to every tenet of the old school.
  • Of his hundred men, the Major had succeeded in rallying about forty.
  • At last an abode was found that seemed to the Major suitable upon all counts.
  • Let us pass at once," said the Major indignantly.
  • The Major turned on the full tide of his voice, and rose to his climax.
  • I asked Major Gee if the rigor of our confinement would be in any way relaxed.
  • You see, although I am major in the service, I have nothing but my pay.
  • He is a Major General, and Colonel of a Regiment of Dragoons.
  • Lessard--the major in charge--is the brains of the post.
  • Sonata for pianoforte in E major " 109 ( " " ?

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  • He was a judicious discoverer, and he did not turn all his minor poets into major prophets.
  • They rode nearly four miles before they came on to Major Powell and the remnant of his force.
  • A worse selection than that of Major General Braddock could hardly have been made.
  • In vain Major Powell tried to stop his men; he, too, was borne back in the confusion.
  • In reference to the rehearsals of the first production of the E flat major Quartet, Op.
  • Up to date, these vessels have been designed by Major Gross and Oberingenieur Basenach.
  • Manguino turned to being ill and he spent the major part of the next several years in a state of listlessness.
  • At sunrise the people brought their goods out into the major streets, where they bought and sold amongst one another.
  • He had to come in here and report it, for it happened in his district, and the major raked him over the coals in a way that was hard to stand.
  • The Major turned and stared, really uncertain as to whether it could be himself who was thus addressed.
  • She and the Major and the limousine accompanied them occasionally to church, the only form of social dissipation in which they still indulged.
  • The Major shortly returned, bearing urbanely in his wake a blond young man who seemed not too unwilling.
  • During her tirade the Major had sat with poised carving-knife, regarding his daughter under mildly raised eyebrows.
  • In the years that proceeded, and no major wars were fought, the young chosen became old and were replaced by newly chosen young intellectuals.

Definition of Major

Of great significance or importance. | Greater in number, quantity, or extent | Of full legal age, having attained majority
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