Make Him In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Make Him | Make Him Sentence

  • Nothing can make him hers.
  • Can we make him do it?
  • Think how happy you will make him too!
  • Make him behave sensibly.
  • Yet it did not make him laugh.
  • Make him flutter around.
  • Make him give you gas.
  • Refusals will only make him more determined.
  • Make him give up this folly.
  • I think we can make him do it.
  • This did not make him forgetful.
  • It will make him happy.
  • You must make him do so.
  • It did make him so happy.
  • She could not make him out.
  • She will make him do what she has threatened.
  • Even this did not make him angry.
  • I can make him useful myself.
  • Healthy it will certainly make him.
  • Try and make him come.
  • She could not make him out at all.
  • I cannot make him feel again.
  • People make him wince.
  • I will make him an helpmeet for him.
  • Why make him miserable?
  • Make him promise anything!
  • Then make him a salve.
  • Then we might make him out.
  • I did not make him happy.
  • Please make him give her up.
  • Make him fast to the table.
  • But you cannot make him think.
  • Make him give up this folly.
  • Does it make him die more peacefully?
  • Certain words make him nervous.

How To Use Make Him In A Sentence?

  • Make him my best compliments and thank him.
  • Why were they all trying to make him one of themselves?
  • Can you make him a birthday-cake?
  • Is there not something here to make him thoughtful?
  • Necessity also make him inventive.
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